Part 8.
At first, he tried to reach me. I lay in my room and listen to my phone again and again displays the same musical phrase of "Night Snipers", "You gave me roses, roses smell wormwood ...". In the end, my mother looked and looked at me.
- Interfere? - I said and turned off the phone.
Mom shook her head, but said nothing. Good, because it, too, and I could not do anything to explain. I was very sad. And somehow scary. All the time to remember a closer look this cool cat Hope. And yet Svetka screams and maxims Mariana. Something happened today is something that I do not understand. And yet I really wanted to Seryozhka was close. And I do not want too, because - nothing can be done - it is necessary to tell, that I saw it a secret video.
The apartment was very quiet. My exhausted parents slept. I decided to clean up in the kitchen. The works were few. I handled quickly, and then took the bag of trash and walked to the stairwell to be thrown into the garbage disposal. I walked up to the hatch, dumped the bag and turned back to the door. And then I have all snapped inside. He sat directly on the tile, her head buried in his knees bent. The shirt, in summer sneakers. For a whole hour.
In me again boil tears. I walked over and sat down in front of him. Seryozhka raised his head and looked at me. His beat chills. And if he was closing on me a hand with clenched fist in a mobile phone. I took him by the hand and dragged into the house. He tried to say something, but I pressed his lips and his fingers shoved into the bathroom. Herself opened the water and adjust so that only hand suffered.
- Please - I said. - You're sick ...
Again he wanted to say something, and again I did not listen. And since he was a pillar and began to pull off his clothes. Seryozhka humbled himself and climbed into the hot water. And I returned to the kitchen and climbed into the lower compartment houseware locker. Pope All patients were given alcohol. Usually he did immediately peredarivat junior hospital staff. But some exotic or just expensive drinks brought home. I needed a brandy. I have long considered these colorful bottles until they found one with angular Greek letters, twirled it and found a readable label - cognac and "Metaxa".
Then I went for one of Dad's terry robes and slipped into his half-open door. When he came to me, I was ready for a great cup of coffee is very sweet, richly flavored with cognac.
- Please - I began.
But Sergei pritisnul me against the wall.
- Look, Princess, - he said. - I did nothing wrong! It is clear to you?
As if I have it in something I accuse! I tried to explain it, but he would not let me open my mouth. He started kissing me passionately and persistently. At first I even tried something to say, and then all of the words out of my head I povyletali. Only the sensory. His lips, his hands, knee, wedged between my thighs ... Sergei shivered, and I woke up.
- Sergei, - I said. - Coffee. As medicine.
He chuckled and sat down to the table, pulling me into his lap.
- I'm going to drink, - he said. - You tell me.
And I began to tell everything from the beginning and all the details, nothing at this time, not losing, even about the game Svetka with Natasha. Lord, how he laughed when I came to this place! I had to clamp his mouth, so as not to perepoloshit parents.
- Princess Mia species, so that's who you bring to the physical vomiting! Oh forget it! Drive you them in the neck!
I began to explain that with Natasha, I was friends for a long time, and I feel sorry for Svetka.
- Kuerida, they have chosen themselves. Especially like Natasha.
He began to laugh again. I was angry.
- Are you drunk I? With two thimbles of brandy?
- Ah, so there were two? - I admired Seryozhka and ran his hands under my sweater.
I began to fight back. Then he grabbed me and dragged me to my room.
We landed on the couch. Seryozhka arched and drew from under the back of my favorite animals - plush rabbit named Rolly. For some time he stared at the shabby face and then said:
- Do not be sad, man. De la kind!
And send it to the cabinet with one careless movement.
- Do not you dare hurt my birds! - I said.
- Dios! Oh! - Immediately I joined it. - It was a rabbit ?! This soft, so silky, so ...
At the same time he managed to stroke my leg and kiss the base of the neck. The more he delved into the process, the less pronounced the Russian words. I was scared.
- Earrings, who are you?
- At the moment, - he said, - Hombre, concerned about sexually.
His hands and mouth were everywhere. I do not have time to fix the touch. I have not even realized the answer, I was spit on him. Seryozhka if any me press buttons in sequence on the system. When it came to me, I giggled. He immediately covered my mouth with a kiss. I quickly untied the robe belt and both hands climbed to cuddle. But it is not so easy it was to shoot it down. He got rid of the clothes and pulled me to him. Here and it turns out that I myself have long been nothing but skin is a delightful touch to the skin.
Our spirited friend greeted me slaps on the belly. I stroked it and petted. Gently, on one touch. And he just trembled! Seryozhka knocked me backwards.
- Espacio, gatita ... Do not rush ...
His fingers were in my crotch. At first it was just nice. Then came an impatient desire to quickly end this, then the languor and here - the same wild desire, which wants to growl and bite. He felt it, and one sharp movement came into me. Oh, there it was, yes! That thing I needed right now. Quickly, often deeply. And more. And I grabbed it again for kicking back, adjusting the rhythm. His lips slid hooligan grin. I pushed him again. Then it stopped altogether, and leaned over to his ear: "Safe sex, gatita" - and kissed me right in the ear, causing my hips just cramp. I'm fed up, and he quickly left me. I was ready to howl with frustration.
- Help me, gatita, - he asked, and I have in the palm of the package turned out to be liberated condom.
I set to work, slowly straightening this thing on it, touching the tips of the fingers in different places, rubbing and pinching.
- Faster, gatita, - he breathed.
- Espacio, - I muttered.
Seryozhka almost growled, but took my small revenge before the end. And here we are again one creature. I want to scream and laugh, but for some reason can not. I the nudge, then I run away.
- Oh, gatita, - he pleaded. - I can not stand it, stop it.
He hugged me to his bed and began to move in a crazy rhythm. I do not have time for him, and gave up trying. Then he slowed down at first, and then moved on to a long and smooth swing. This time has come to release both simultaneously. For a while we were resting, then he got out of me and freed from the condom.
- Princess - Seryozhka said. - Thank you princess.
Well. And then all gatita ... Until I suddenly realized why he knows everything. So good at!
- Never, - separately, I said - do not call me a cat.
- What? - he asked.
I repeated.
- But why? - He would not leave.
I have opened my mouth to confess, but then changed her mind.
- I do not want - I said.
- That will not do, Princess, - he spent on my finger.
And the body instantly responded. I reached for him to kiss, but he pulled away, and I rubbed her cheek against his shoulder.
- Speak, Pauline - he insisted.
And at this time in the long hallway rang. I swore, flew into the coat and getting tangled in his long floors, I rushed to the door. ... I was sure it was Aunt Tamara from the neighboring apartment, sprightly pensioner imagines himself terminally ill. Not a day passed that she was not to my parents for advice, to measure the pressure or worn out about that, about this. I it could not stand, because she loved to choose for their visits, these are the moments when the mother or father of a rest after a hard shift. I opened the door with a determined look to send nasty grandma back home, and as if all his strength had a counter kick. On the threshold she stood. This cat.
I probably changed in the face because she smiled slightly and glanced past me into the hall, the middle of which lay wet and Serezhkin sneakers. She was somewhat artfully woven from wool shaggy dazzling white. Apparel was open. From beneath it could be seen the familiar black dress and slim legs in shoes with high heels and very thin. I remembered the form in which I stand in front of her, and felt a sense of complete humiliation.
We did not say a word to each other. She silently handed me a bag with a laptop Serezhkin, shvarknula on the floor at my feet his shoes and jacket. For a while she was still studying me with narrowed eyes, then slowly turned and headed toward the elevator. Our ever-Breaking unit with servile willingness opened in front of her door. On the threshold she looked back. I caught myself on the fact that as well as standing, holding the bag and stare stupidly at her. I hastily retreated deeper into the hallway, stumbling about with discarded things, and shut the door, cutting her gaze.
I picked up and hung his jacket, pushed aside shoes and strode to her. I seryozhka immediately understood. He immediately jumped up and put his arm around my shoulders.
- She'll say something? - I asked earrings.
I shook my head. I was still in a stupor. He took my bag and put it on the table in front of my screen. He sharpened cheekbones, and the view was decisive.
- Paul, where's my phone?
I went. He brought together his things, sure he was going to apologize and leave. Sergey has thanked me with a look, press the call, listened for a while, then he said:
- I called to thank - and then - I'll pass.
And yet. Turn off the phone without saying goodbye. Some time sitting still, then pulled on his pants and looked at me hesitantly.
- Paul, let's go. Some tea there. Or coffee.
I realized that he was probably hungry. She kicked off her robe, began to dress, but when she saw it in the mirror again and approving such an open look. He met my eyes, and there, on the other side of the glass, was preparing to catch me. I turned to him and said:
- Do not even think about it!
So she went to the kitchen.
The house was driven to complete devastation. Even my mother's health salad, which is itself something it absorbs only assumed a heroic, stoic face at, podeli. In the fridge there was a frank void diluted jar of yogurt, a half-empty box of juice and the remains of the cake. I reached to check the vegetable drawer. Potatoes, fortunately, was still. I handed Seryozhka a knife and asked for help.
- Well, and what did she say to you? - After a while asked Sergei.
I repeated that there was nothing.
- On your face it was not, - he explained.
Then I blinked and if stepped into the icy water.
- I got into your X-Files.
He paused, then calmly asked:
- And what are you such navoobrazhala on this occasion, Princess?
I twisted with embarrassment, because I'm really not that only head and share. Even itself recognized as embarrassing as it a dump? He chuckled.
- Okay. At first, you thought I was fucking her for the coin. Then - that universal heavenly love. Then you imagined that I work something dumb meat for hard porn. What else? No, I really wonder!
I sat with her head down and barely moved her with a knife.
- You should not have to pry, did not ask for much! - He said angrily. - I have it really worked. Only the watchman. The house is guarded, as she went abroad on business. Insolent, she slept in her bedroom. And when she suddenly came back and caught me, I took off just such a fee for insolence.
- Why the camera? - I did not give up.
- For memory, - he muttered earrings.
- And now that she needs?
Seryozhka hesitated.
- We were lovers. Long.
- Pervert it - I was angry. - What adult men really do not have that right?
Sergei sighed and with a notable surprise in his voice said:
- I think she likes me ...
- And you, yourself, - I went mad.
- Well - at a loss earrings. - I have it very good attitude. I am grateful to her.
- For what? What raped you?
Seryozhka laughed.
- you fool, kuerida. I am grateful to her already because I did not have to resort to all sorts of la ... Troll ... well ... like your Natasha.
- And it was necessary? Resort? - I asked.
- You see, gatita, - he said nasty didactic tone. - Men are arranged in such a way that, starting from a certain point, they need the Lady for sex. If they really want to be men, not the handbrake, homeworkers, for example.
I was angry to the extreme. Due to this tone basically.
- Figs with them, with men - I said. - I'm interested in you. Where were you when I was looking for you? And why are your things were at this cat?
Now it was his turn to lower his head.
- I missed when you left. And then I was told that probably went on holiday to Korneev. I was angry. And she called.
I waited.
- And then I called Joe and asked if I could bring you to visit them. And I understood. I did call you, but you did not answer.
He did not say anything. Well, in general, you can imagine how the events unfolded. His shoes, for example, looked as if they, at least, were drowned. Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.
- A call to the door you could not? - I asked.
- I could not for some reason ...
- This is because she said that I went to Eugene?
- She said - I guess.
- And you believe it!
- Sorry, kuerida.
I grabbed polished potatoes and began her wash, cut and throw into the pot. I do not know how I react. I was angry. I was afraid this holёnoy cats. I wanted a man who is now sitting behind me and there is something mumbled, was mine.
- What? - I asked again frowned, turning to him.
- She asked me to tell you that you are a beautiful girl.
I exploded.
- If more time - choked with rage voice I said - I hear about this glossy cat, I'll strangle you!
He paused and suddenly said:
- And you know what happens kuerida? I think you are jealous of me!
I quickly turned around. He was so smug! I crumpled the towel, which had just wiped his hands, and launched into his face. He deftly dodged, and then slid off taburtki slowly, looking into my eyes, walked up to me.
- Do not come - I said. - Do not do this.
But the stop was useless. I tried to escape, but he caught me.
- Pauline, type mia, I'm sorry. I'm really in no way to blame. I wanna be with you.
And again he reached to kiss. He had a hot hand. They literally burned my back. Seryozhka strongly pressed me to him and kissed her with such obvious relish, I slowly relaxed and ceased to twitch at the mere recollection of how to open the door, and there - this woman.
He felt it, and let me go. Do it now had such bright eyes, shiny and quiet. It was evident that no longer oppresses him no innuendo or distrust. Enough of it to this was simply impossible. But I remembered that I prepare dinner, and got into our box with strategic as dad likes to say, ... inventory. They found a bank stew, and I dumped its contents into a saucepan with the potatoes, add spices, and removed the fire to a minimum, leaving it all horoshenechko protomai together. The kitchen smells began to concentrate. They eventually lured us to my parents.
- The phenomenon - said the pope saw earrings, and greeted him by the hand. - Becoming familiar - he added.
A mother thanked me for what I have realized myself to do cooking.
It was relatively late. The neighbors, who love to watch TV on a volume limit, play evening news saver. Dad noticed brandy on the table and looked at us.
- Tell me yourself, - I suggested earrings.
He smiled and said that he took away the clothes and a change of shoes and that he had rushed here for a reason, and I saved him from the cold hot coffee here with that same brandy.
- As frost barefoot, then - Pope touched his forehead with an open palm, and chuckled. - Another ... patient. And whose is the shoes I had just seen in the hallway?
- Then drag - not batting, Seryozhka said.
- Well, let - decided dad.
He took two glasses, glanced at my mother: "Will you?" - And poured into each of two fingers. Mother refused, and then struck the pope's second Seryozhka table. Sergei shook his head.
- It is not for drunkenness, - explained the pope - and all in the same preventive purposes. This is me talking to you as a doctor.
- I still have to work, - said the earrings.
- It is clear - the pope said. - Really do not drink. But it is swallowed. Or are you familiar with a spoon?
Seryozhka laughed and took the glass. Dad took a sip, savored, regretted that there was no lemon, and told my mother that this is really true, "Metaxa" rather than some kind of fake it. When he mentioned to the patient earrings word, I remembered that the boy crashed, and now dared to ask how he was doing. Dad frowned.
- We could not help him. He died.
I still tremble in his hands. Mom quickly caught my plate and put it on the table.
- Sit down, - she said. - Now I am myself.
Pope poured himself more brandy and drank it, looked at the earrings.
- Trash my work, - he said. - Have you decided what to do?
Sergei said that information technology. The Pope nodded and thought something over the plate.
- Why did you become a surgeon? - I asked earrings.
- To save the people, - the pope said.
- And probably many saved? - I would not leave Sergei.
Dad suddenly smiled.
- Well, there was a business ... Yes, you eat. And you, ladies, what? Let's! Or you again, cakes, blancmange and marzipan?
Mom giggled like a girl, and has sat down at the table. Dad began to joke. We laughed. And then in the hallway rang again. I jumped up and mumbled that it again, probably, that the dying swan Aunt Tamara, went to open. But this time I had collected and prepared for every eventuality. On the threshold was a woman again. I'm sure it did not know, but at the same time it seemed to me terribly familiar. And before she even said something, I blurted out:
- You Serezhkin mom?
She nodded and smiled good.
- And you - Paulina. Hi. It is you?
I nodded and asked them to come.
- He's so much like you! - I could not resist.
She laughed.
- Let goes here.
- No! - I said. - We're having dinner. Come on to the table - and when she saw that she was going to object, called loudly. - Dad!
My father knows how to be charming when he wants to. When he appeared in the hallway and heard someone in front of him, he began to look and weigh compliments. Thanks to him, I learned that Serezhkin mother's name is Valeria, Valeria Sergeevna. Already sitting at the table and refusing food, she said, that she forgot the keys at home, and has long been looking for the brat, who does not answer the cell phone.
- And how did you find us? - Mom asked.
- She said that looking for a surgeon Gaymuratova - smiled Serezhkin mother. - I'll talk to people who find information such as the address is quite simple. Argentine delegation strongly guarded.
We sat at the table, perhaps an hour. Dad managed to drink two women and was drawn in full. First, they are increasingly discussing with us earrings, and then penetrated each other and just having fun. But when we decided to remove the earrings from them in my room, in a trice it turned out that was very late. Dad began to call a taxi, and my mother often invited to go.
Seryozhka grabbed me from behind, put his head on my shoulder and said in his ear:
- I'll pick you up in the morning, kuerida. Wait for me.
Then Dad went to hold them to the car, and my mother looked at me and said:
- What nice people!
- You have me, too - I said, and only then felt all the exhaustion of this strange day.
After the betrayal of my favorite I've become a different look on our relationship with her. The fact that Lena fucking other not caused me to jealousy, but on the contrary, was the cause of indescribable excitement. The same night her infidelity, we had in excess of passionate sex. Dig into the lip favorite who recently kissed the lips of another man touching her breasts, which caressed the hands of others, to enter into the fold in which a foreign member visited - all these give rise to great excitement, which in the end was the result of several hours of sex. Needless to fix my idea was to see a repetition of Lena's betrayal.
The opportunity for this given the fairly soon. The company, in which I worked held a corporate party to which employees and their wives were invited to her friends. I decided to take Lena. She was very happy about this news.
And then came the day of H. I drove home from work to pick up the Lena and found it just for the dressing procedure. It has already been put on the black G-string panties, emphasizes the benefit of her delicious ass and black bra, which were on top of the cup to the most transparent nipples. She stood in front of the wardrobe and chooses a dress. From this picture, I was excited and began to molest her, but Lena said that we'll be late, and I accepted. In the end, she chose a gray short slinky dress. When my favorite dressed him, I was once again swept pride - Lena looked simply stunning. Beautiful tanned legs were profitable open dress emphasized the seductive hips, buttocks and breasts, jet-black hair fell over her shoulders and face was angelically beautiful.
The party was held at the restaurant, located on the other side of town. Lena was more beautiful than all the women present there. At the party he was also a colleague of mine by the name of Oleg - a prankster, a joker, a favorite of women. Between him and Lena at the outset I ran some spark. I saw her shining eyes, full of desire, when she looked at him. They came out to dance a couple of times, but it was in the bounds of decency. They only whispered about something.
Then Lena came up to me and asked for the car keys, it is alleged there was something I forgot. At the same time Oleg was away to the bathroom, the entrance to which was in the street. I waited half a minute, and went after him. I found it around the corner of the building. It was quite dark, but since I was pretty close, I could see everything. Lena was cancer, resting his hands on the wall and stuck out her ass seductively, was attached to it, Oleg fucked her pussy. The dress had ridden up on his back, panties pushed aside and Oleg pressed their hand to the buttocks. Due to the abundance of grease to squelch his cock entered the Lenin crack. My girlfriend is not so loud groan sometimes covered his mouth with his hand.
The pace was fast, probably because of the piquancy of the situation. My cock stood stake, and I nadrachival him through his pants. Suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps. Oleg instantly came out of the Lena and hard dick shoved his pants and straightened Lena dress and panties. From around the corner came a very drunken man who wandered here apparently in search of a toilet. He walked past them without even noticing. Lena and Oleg laughed with relief and went to the entrance of the restaurant. I hurried there, to get ahead of them. Oleg went first, my girlfriend came in a few minutes. Nothing in it is not betrayed the fact that she had just had sex, except for the light in the eyes.
Suddenly, I called each way. I left the restaurant to talk normally. He had some kind of simple-a question about the passage of a new toy, which we both got carried away, and he knew that I did not sleep. I helped him, but when he returned to the hall, said Lena, that I urgently need to go to him, he had some problems, etc. Lena, of course, povozmuschalis to mind, but still let go.
I gave her money for the BBC and so took her word that she would call as gets home. I myself drove the car in the next quarter and went immediately to the home Oleg, good, I know where he lives. He had a pretty spacious two-storey private house. I had hoped that they will continue here with Lena started near the restaurant.
After waiting half an hour I realized that I was not mistaken. Lena and Oleg came to the house. While he was looking for the keys and opened the door, Lena playfully whispered something to him, gently biting the ear. I hid behind a tree, next to which there was plenty. Oleg could not resist and Lena attracted to her, glaring with a kiss on the lips. A dress he stroked and squeezed her breasts. So, kissing, and they went into the house. A few minutes later I saw briefly flickered lights in the bedroom on the second floor and immediately went out. I decided that it was time to act. This bedroom adjoins a balcony, which I climbed a drainpipe. Due to the moonlight I was perfectly clear what was happening in the room. They stood in the middle of the room and kissing. Lenin's hand unbuttoned his pants pants Oleg, pulled the panties, and will burst his strong, excited vosemnadtsatisantimetrovy member with a large purple head from stress. Gasp of admiration, Lena sank to his knees in front of Oleg and took his number in her mouth.
Oral she did superbly, but it had to be earned. Apparently Oleg her very excited, since she decided to teach him this gift. She licked the head and plunged fully into his mouth. Then she began to sit down mouth on his penis, helping himself with his hand. Oleg just stood there and thrilled with delight. Suddenly he stopped Lena raised her from her knees and began kissing, undressing her. Oleg dress unbuttoned my girlfriend and took it. He kissed her neck, chest, upper, not covered bra. Then Oleg and I eliminate this obstacle and stared at Lenin's chest, caressing, nibbling, licking nipples. Lena moaned with excitement through her panties and stroked her pussy. Oleg threw her on the bed and getting rid of clothes and lay down beside him. He began to kiss her tummy, then the legs - from hip to toes and back. I had been jerked off his dick. When Lena raised her hips, helping Oleg pull off her panties, I almost did not finish. Seeing shaved pussy my favorite, Oleg fell to her mouth. From his caresses Lena arched, squeezed his head down and moaned loudly. Apparently deciding that enough torment partner, Oleg stopped to caress her pussy mouth, got up and went into it. Lena grabbed his feet.
From his vantage point I saw rhythmically raised and lowered hip Oleg is swayed from his chest pushes Lena. Her eyes were closed and her lips sometimes flew short screams. Suddenly Lena asked Oleg to stop, moved his legs on his shoulders, and he continued to fuck her. Now I could see how goes dick in pussy of my beloved. I have finished, barely having time to send a member to the floor of the balcony. Oleg began to increase the tempo. Lena moans intensified and arched arc, tearing the nail sheets, she experienced an orgasm. Looking at this, Oleg has made some particularly violent impact and drove full term in Lena, too, I began to finish. They tumbled down on the couch, happy and exhausted. After some time, Lena got up and went to the bathroom. When she came, I saw a thin trickle of semen running down her leg. I was not afraid that she will become pregnant so as not to spoil sex condoms, we decided to put her spiral.
After 10 minutes my girlfriend came back from the bathroom, fresh, with a desire to continue. Oleg, seeing her naked again began to be excited. Seeing him poluvstavshy member, Lena decided to help him and again started to do blowjob. When a member strengthened enough, she got up on Oleg on his knees and sending it a number, planted on him. Pose rider was one of the most loved her. Oleg hands caressed his chest Lena, while she was riding on his cock. I could see, pushing the lips sex, the member is fully included in it, it is almost completely out. Lena threw her head back in pleasure. Oleg tried to thrust deeper into their number, raising himself or his hips holding her waist and spitted on a member. I saw how his hands moved to her ass, helping to move, pushing its halves ... the squeezing together. Oleg got up and kissed Lena's chest, but she pushed him, causing to lie back on the bed. They fucked so for about 15 minutes then Lena, falling on his chest, Oleg, with a loud cry came.
It is, without removing a member, he shifted it onto his back and sweeping strong shocks brought to orgasm and of itself, again ending in a partner. They lay and rest, and I hurried home to be there before the Lena. She came in half an hour after me. I pretended to be asleep. She Tinkering in the bathroom, lay down next to me. I felt this indescribable smell - the smell of a woman who had just had sex, and he hoped that it was not the last time.

All events of this story are real. Dialogues are presented only when I remember them all. Some names can be changed. Further publications are dependent on ratings and reviews on your [email protected]
I stayed at the cottage of my friend. We went to drink, and his parents did not interfere with us. It was the third day of revelry. Then his mother said that I should go back to the city on business. I wanted to get back to the city and asked me to throw it. She gladly agreed, and now after a few hours we went to her "Volkswagen". Comfortable, fast, and voditelnitsa good - hardly faded tall, slender blonde forty years; her name was Elena. On the way, we did not talk, radio played a full and fresh wind beat in half-open car window and ruffled my hair. Good!
When we arrived in the city, there was a question where to drop me off. I said that any place good. Elena offered to call her for a cup of tea, and discuss how they liked me at the cottage. This, of course, was very flirtatious, and even expect anything special do not have to - where I was! - I agreed. The more so because they have a good, luxuriously furnished two-bedroom apartment with views to the west, on vacant lots, in such nice to just sit.
We drank tea and chatted about some nonsense. I quietly more and more excited at Elena Vladimirovna. She looked very stylish even in short, rolled up to the knees jeans and a translucent blouse with sleeves to the elbow, which shone through her white bra. Chest - not big, but not small, and the ass was tightly covered with jeans. This wonderful woman laughed, and it was hard not to be excited all the same! Finally, I was not able to overcome the desire to even fleetingly touch her and, reaching for a cup, as if by accident touched her hand. Skin delicate, pale white, delicious. Elena grabbed my fingers and held my hand. I shuddered at the nervous tickling, suddenly ran over the body with touch, and got up from his chair.
- Charmant! - Elena smiled - a young man, you are quite elegant.
- I? I ... Well, what about ... No, that ... However, as they say! - I generally like to appear shy and timid, and now directly and thus was.
- We would like to thank!
- Oh, excuse me, - and I, like some zadrot Frenchman, kissed her hand.
- How cute!
- Did you like the kiss, I hope?
- Oh, is it a kiss? - Elena broke out and pulled me to him. Whatever went sound, but I stared at her lips and without stifling the temptation, I started to drive her hands over her shoulders, arms, back.
- What's hot for you!
Smiling woman undid the top button of his shirt. Further no need to explain: my fingers easily slipped on her chest, in a minute I kissed her bare nipples, and after five we like ported magical wind of love, were on the bed in the bedroom in the nude. I paw her semi-dry, but very attractive "pussy" left hand and right-hand gently squeezed his chest and massaged her feet. After this prelude, I once again stroked her legs, spread them and went into the bosom of the Lena.
Before I do, of course, already had a few girls, but this woman was probably hot all. Only by starting to move into it, I felt such heat that I almost hesitate to even burn the penis. She skillfully then twitched beneath me, then froze, then turned away, then licked my neck and chest, I mentally switched on advanced mathematics, not to go crazy with the beauty and elegance of Lena and moved mechanically, the costs again, and expenses not weak so powerful I did not move more than ever, because I was trying to please her, my forty-year partner's mother and a friend of mine, the highest buzz. That, I suppose, I have happened. We fucked no less than half an hour, she twice finished, constantly scratching my legs and squeezed me. When I finally filled her pussy, I was completely squeezed and the pleasure received only from the fact.
But this woman did not lose time, when she was married. French pornography, which my friend and I found as a child at her dressing table, Lena learned a lot. She instantly slid down and started caressing my balls tongue tickling them from the ground up and licking the entire front surface of the tongue. Soon my cock stood up again, and then she swallowed it completely swallowed and twitched his neck like a heron. I fucked her delicate throat, clutching her head for the wonderful white-yellow hair, slapped a member of its language base. But wonderful moments passed and I'm clutching at her chest, finished, pulled out a member. Lena coughed a couple of times, swallowed the sperm and wiped his lips with a blanket and then wiped my cock on her lips. In a rather calm, I lay back and gentle clapping ass attracted her to him. The forty-year woman lay on my shoulder, on my shoulder - a puppy, which twenty yet ... Outside blazing July evening. A dream come true ...
The peasant in the yard sat a bunch of sparrows. One sparrow and began to boast of his friends:
- I fell in love, - he says - I sivaya mare, often glancing at me. I would trimmed it with all our honest meeting?
- Let's see - say comrades.
That sparrow flew up to the mare and says:
- Hello, dear kobylushka!
- Hello, the singer! What need have?
- And this need - I want to ask you ...
Mare says;
- This is a good thing, according to our custom of the village, when a guy starts to love a girl, it is at the time she buys goodies: nuts and gingerbread. And you'll give me what?
- Say only what you want?
- But: Single dragged me one bushel grain oats, and then we will love.
Sparrow struggles began to work long labor Xia and dragged still last a bushel of oats. I arrived and says:
- Well, dear kobylushka! Oats are ready! And at the very heart does not tolerate - and happy and scared to death.
- Well, - I replied mare - delay has nothing to do, build languor more than death, and I honestly do not pass century. At least from the young man is not ashamed to suffer! Bring oats, yes convened by their comrades - profit dashing not reproach! And he sit on my tail near the very well ... Py, but to wait until I'll raise the tail.
Became mare eat oats, and a sparrow sitting on the tail of his comrades look, what will be. The mare was eating, eating and even zabzdela, raised her tail, and a sparrow and suddenly fluttered in the ass. Mare pressed his tail. Here he had bad though to die!
Here she ate, ate, and how zaperdela. Sparrow and jumped out, and he began to boast before the fellow:
- Here's how! Probably from our brother and he did not tolerate mare, azhno zaperdela.
Work ... Again, this routine work ... how tired ... you look at the clock, the hands mercilessly showed 4:00 .. still so much time hanging around here! ..."It's My Life" hear a familiar tune ..
cute - you hear in the tube so dear golos- today you come to me? ... I missed ..
..waiting for you at home, but had enough already ..
-certainly come, I miss you too ... that be to take a favorite?
- wine...
...I can not wait when will you come ... I want you ... I'm sick of all desires ... I'm talking to you as a finger caress her pussy ... .. gently stroking her gently pressing on the crotch ... I spend a finger by mink ... and to introduce a finger ... slightly moving them there ... again stroking pussy ... mmmmmmmmm ... to insert fingers and begins to move her hips and fingers ... ... mmmmmm .... how well you want to hear, how I caress .. ???
in the tube silence ... then what strange sounds ... you know what I put in my cell in the pussy and now I have them myself ... you start to get excited ...
- mmmmmmmmmm ....... aaaaaaaaaaaaa .................- heard in the tube - you liked it ... until the evening ... I am waiting for you ..
..Finally you come out of his office ... catch a taxi ... stopping along the way to the store bought a beautiful bouquet of lilies ... and a bottle of white wine .... your thoughts are only a foretaste of the sweet night ... do you imagine me in his arms ... my kisses on my body ... do you feel the warmth spreading through your body ... it's warm love and feelings of being wanted ... you know how I need ... we love each other ...
..Here at last and the familiar house ... you fly up the stairs to my apartment door ... ... ... Up and angel ... Angel opens the door to you ...
"... She is gorgeous ... her eyes like a vast sea .. brown hair lightly touching shoulders lie on his back and chest milk ... light silk dress prekryvat her exquisite body ... legs ... oh those shapely legs .. .They entwined like vines thin ropes elegant sandals ... my God ... how beautiful she is ..." wave of desire went through your body ... can not utter a word you made a couple of steps to meet me .. But I move away ..
-What are you impatient! Not so fast, my love, we have the whole night ahead ... take off the coat .. and pass into the room ... ... table lighted candles ... ghostly gloom spread over the room ... romantic music ... how long have you dreamed about it ... you give me flowers ... I love them so ... and fill with wine glasses ... a tender kiss ... conversation ... how easy it is and not under compulsion ... it's driving you crazy ... ... music plays Scorpions "wind of change"..ty invite me to dance ... we are sailing slowly dance around the room ... you smell my scent ... ... ... freshness and colors ...
.."she does not like perfume ... it ... it smells like a ... and it's even more exciting and attracts you ... I sit down on a chair ... you gently touch your lips your nose and move away ...
-Do not rush my dear! I want to give you a dance ... it is only your ...
I'm turning on "ship on my heart" sting ... and begin to dance ... the dance of love ... my body moves to the music ... it bewitches you think ... I'm just touching the body as if to emphasize her figure ... chest ... hips ... the finest silk flowing on the curves of the body ... your eyes are on me. Are you ready to pray me to stop ... otherwise all your nature explodes in a blinding flash and burn all around ...
You dissolved me, forgetting everything, you can not move from the spot in front of you ... GODDESS! performing a dance for you ... ... you're a mere mortal with bated breath waiting for the continuation of the dance, ... mechanically stroking his phallus ... I gently take off her dress ... only panties remain on me ... silk thread covers, that you so crave ... chest ... like a peach ... hardened breasts ... in the eyes play a mischievous spark ... clearly shows that I was terribly exciting this dance ... but looking into your eyes, I know, that you raging fire! ... I lightly touch your lips ... breasts falling down stroking your body ... I spend my fingers on the crotch of your pants ... feeling it all trembles in anticipation ... I unzip ... castle is difficult because of the hardened and waiting for his moment of nature ... I am releasing it free ..... gently stroked her fingers lightly ... eggs was playing ... I spend along the buttocks ... you have all exhausted ... willing to die just to stop this sweet torture ..... I gently touch the tongue was playing with a belly navel ... pens do not stop caressing your body ... go up a little bit higher ...... was playing with the nipples on the neck of ..podymayus. ..palchikami massaging the chest ... biting ear ... turn to the lips ... you feel the sweetness of my lips ... they are like honey ... as a divine wine ... you spend a hand over my face ... stroking the back ... I'm going back to the eyelet. ... voluptuous whisper you the words ... go down to the neck ... I run on it the whole tongue ... nipples ... play with them ... and a little tongue biting ... I lightly touch the tongue tummy ... showering your body with kisses ... I lick you like a cat .... spend your kitten tongue around the phallus ... it reacts to my approach ... I touch the tip of the tongue of the head ... you moan with pleasure and anticipation .... I just touching spend around the trunk. .. turn to testicles ... handles caressing you ... I take them one by one in her mouth and was playing a little tongue ... suck ... fingers caressing him ... I take both of them in her mouth and continue to spend flexing ... tongue, snake by your nature ... and gently pripadaet to his own lips, begin to suck the head ... gently ... a little tongue touching ... slowly introduce it in her mouth ...
"... Mmmm ... I love you ... I caress him"... I swallow it completely ... ... slowly at first and then teaching the pace ..ty can not longer control myself and ended a strong jet of my neck ... I take every last drop ...."mmmmmm I love the taste of your semen ... it is divine" ... I continue to caress his tongue a bit ... biting ... turn to the testicles ... and sliding on the legs to your ass ... ... massaging her tongue gently insert it there .... handles caressing your feet back ... to the testicles ... slowly rising up ... gentle kisses get up to the tummy ... reaching up to caress my chest ... nipples ... and the neck, as if the bridge turn to the lips ... kiss you dragging behind him on the carpet ...
...I gently you stack him ... in the room continues to play music ... do you want me to lay down, but I move away from you ....
-not so fast my dear ... want to kiss my pussy? ...
-Oh yes, my love ...!
..I rise above you ... My cave is at the level of your mouth ... I spend a bit of its a button on your nose and mouth closer to ...
"... Oh! .. How beautiful ... her lips are like unopened bud of scarlet roses ..."
you dig a burrow in a passionate kiss ... I feel like your tongue slips in my bosom of love ..."oh how nice ...."
-..mmmmmm ... Yes, dear ... mmmmmm ... please do not stop ... mmmmmm ...- whisper my lips .... touch my tongue buttons ... and I pass like an electric discharge ... lightning bolt ...
".... But in her life-giving juice ... it is like a divine source of its water pouring mere mortals ... and fill them with the power of the body ..."
...I wriggle over you like a flame of fire ... more incensed fire of our love, transforming it into a fire ...
...I sit down on your tongue ... - not to remove it, dear - and begin to move stringing themselves at him, like beads on a thread of Fate minutes ... I feel how tense your body ... in the reflection mirror I watch as your "kid" It comes in alertness ...
- ...mmmmm ..... how wonderful it ....- my voice getting louder, I walk up to the summit of ecstasy ... -uuuuuuuuu ooooooooo .... ... yes, darling, yes .... do not stop. ... about daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... orgasm is like a raging sea ... water is a force fighting against the rocks ... body shuddered one last time ... starts punching shiver ... I, trembling lean back ....
"... It is divine ..." help me up .. I picked up a strong hand and dipped like a feather on the table ... putting my head under the pillow, you are satisfied with your other hand and a gorgeous tongue arranges wild dance licking my pussy ...
...I am sick of sweeping over me feelings of bliss ... I beg you to stop ...
- No ... no ... mmmmmmmmm ... yeah ... no ... my dear ... do not ... please ... stop ....
...but you can not stop yourself ... you drink me completely, like a bat absorbing fluids of the victim ... your head subsides gradually ... your tongue gently flexing with bead pleasure, as if to say: I will come back ... wait for me. . -
...You stroked my body, admiring its perfect curves ... immersed in Twilight ... The glare of candlelight dancing on the walls ... you fill glasses of wine and handed it to me ... taking a sip of wine, I propose to continue our evening ... an evening of love and passion .. silently kiss me on the lips ... in your eyes I see the light of the growing desire ... hands stroked my body ... fingers playing with my pussy and breasts ... you are touching the tongue, earlobes ... I kiss neck ... I close my eyes and am taking in the wake of languor ..
......lifting my legs you put them on his shoulders shifting me to the edge of the table .. spend your head on my pussy lightly touching her ... as if you are slowly drawing out the pleasure penetrates into me ..
...-mmmm ... it comes out of your mouth ...
...entered into me, you're there for a moment freezes ... like you start thinking about something ... and then you come out ...
.....mmmmmm ... aaaaaaaaaa ... what are you doing? !!
....hands apart my buttocks you enter in the ass without warning ... fingers continued to caress the hole ... you move slowly, teasing, not allowing me to move faster ... my ass tightly envelops your huge dick ... I hear your panting .. . postanyvanie and quiet ...
"... About the Devil !!! what fun" - Flashed in your head ...
...slowly, moving in me, you take off the table banana ... and injected into my hole ..
- ....about Daaaaa !!! you're gorgeous ... mmmmmm ... faster ... faster ... cute mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...
....You synchronous I in my own tools ... gradually increasing the tempo .... you move quite quickly ...
-...Oh yeah !!! baby ... you scream with delight ... and pours me a wave of lava ...
...feeling like your seed rapidly fills me I'm coming ...
- it was great - I promurlykivayu ... take out of my banana and took a bite kiss me ... we feel the taste of the nectar of my ...
...You gave me a glass of wine, tasted, I languidly sipped like a kitten, which was delicious sour cream and ate her fill ... you smile ...
- directors are Sir, you have a visitor - a voice secretary
...And you realize that it was just a dream ...
It was 1963. Someone out there in the west were the noble speech of the black King, hippie, smile and Kennedy myth of free love, someone here in Bella Union Ahmadulina, across-the craze corn and the first cosmonaut, as an answer. And this guy in shabby, working his pants any of this with him was not the only thing that if he did, it's a boat with grass, which, though in contact with his ass, because being in your back pocket, but just warming it is the soul.
Smiling as creatine everything around the world, trying to hug everyone you meet on the way he walked, or rather floating in weightlessness on Stalin Avenue, along the city's main road, one of the famous resort. Past him occasionally raced cars, machinery then it was not much, but the UFO and heard no one heard, and when all of a sudden on the background of Lasik, Muscovites and victories loomed something extraordinary, it is, of course, stunned. Here it is necessary to immediately stop and explain something until the young man had never seen a car Chaika. Gleaming in the sun burnished sides, this amazing machine pulled him very close and got from him a few steps away from the parapet; his windows were opened, and in the liberated space emerged just six face sexy inoplanetyanok.
Here we must also take a break and that is not clear: at that moment a young man and never will have seen no sunglasses or subsidiaries desks elite. The alien looked at him the same surprised eyes-round, however, and he looked at them. It was good to hear that they have something animated, arguing with the other sisters. But now, finally, one of them addressed directly to him.
- Tell the young man you do not accidentally Yuri Gagarin? Here Ira says that if he were ... Lera that just look like ... Sasha is possible twin ... Nona is not exactly it ... Eli on a fig, but Eli is always not care ... And I personally, that if you do not first astronaut, I do not Masha and we do not in Sochi. So you are Yuri Gagarin or just really like him?
- Well, actually, I'm really Yuri - scratched his head, replied the young man, - and they call me an astronaut, even when I myself it would not be desirable.
Second, the other from the car and pulled a real ovation.
- Well, if you really Yuri Gagarin, then we let you kidnap - enthusiastically exclaimed charming alien.
- Let - not doubting, said Yuri and moved to the side of the car.
A minute later he was sitting in a leather lounge luxury cars, or rather lying in it, because all the seats were already occupied. And, in fact, not huddle same Yuri Gagarin at the corners. And lying at all not on the floor how to use it often happened in this life, but right on the feet of three inoplanetyanok, and let this bench was tough, and to a certain degree is not convenient, for example, that would not fall off the girls at his feet he had to hold on to the leg of one of them, though I must admit this was the divine bench in his life. In addition, it offers a wonderful view, and the love of wonderful panoramas, as we know from all the astronauts in the blood.
- Tell us about yourself, Yuri. After all, I can call you that.
- Of course you can, but I'm afraid to tell me about yourself nothing special because I am only one of many astronauts this immense world - not too it and thinking on the issue said the young man captured at the same time, contemplation, white, so innocently looked panties that were opened him in the context of two shapely female legs.
- One of many? Mess! You're our first ... you're our only ... you our answer!
- Yes Yes Yes.
- And yet, what is he like this space?
- Space is an illusion, a dream, he is too perfect to be true. We look at the myriad of stars we think about ... but apart from the amazing worlds and new revelations of his secret spaces of danger.
- Dangers?
- Well, the old spots, black holes, and they live monsters, monsters.
- Monsters?
- Greedy, fur covered with protruding tongues, they hide behind the illusion of a cloth screen, but it's worth it just to lift the ...
- You open?
- And more than once.
- I imagine - there was another pretty voice - back to Moscow, come to daddy, daddy say, do not believe it, but I lay myself in Sochi Yuri Gagarin's papa surprised.
For this young man, rightly I preferred to remain silent.
At the corners, the girls legs that gripped his arm and whose knee he had the good fortune to paw her cheek, then slightly compressed, then parted back, and in this endless flickering, the appearance, the disappearing once again, as in the desired and impossible to live whole oceans of human fantasy. And he looked at this amazing game flesh and tkni, shade and nuance to the first emotion that looked like a breath of spring, then with youthful enthusiasm, and then, according to the fluctuations which are not in his trouser legs, it has awakened courage. However, a young man of honor to a certain point, he behaved quite sensibly, practicing exclusively in what they do in front of their kind artists.
- And yet, as you have become the lucky them, because for sure you had a great competition?
- Yes, the elder brother goat cravings.
- As your older brother, too, was an astronaut?
- And brother, uncle, and father, and his father's father is not much for the astronauts.
- And we think you're the first.
- Well, in this country, a quarter of the male population of the astronauts, but only astronauts hidden, and I clear because maybe the first one.
- However, what kind of heel you an interesting person, one can see that it is not a simple one. Yet, as this can be addictive, because no space opera or a movie, or ballet.
- It can be addicted to anything around, especially to the poor. At first, you think that everything is fine, then all is well, but something was missing, and after all the good somewhere suddenly disappears, and you already did not know how to get rid of it all. And so in general I'm very biased.
- And what else.
- Well…
On one of the sharp turns of Yuri's head (he, by the way, do not lie) strongly slipped over, and my hero, using the convenient situation, hugging the waist near the girl, in a flash, with a speed rocket rushed into the distance, his own face, or rather, its curious nose, came within its pornographic inevitability: white spots, black holes, the heat of a nice body, spruce perceptible smell of females - suddenly engulfed him.
For a while the car interior resembled a chicken coop, take him a cunning and arrogant fox. Yuri, wriggling like a worm, yelled at full throat is not that difficult, well, something like - I have all of you now from kosmanavchyu; Girls naturally objected; in the most eloquent phrases ... showing his displeasure; weighing the world star cuffs, shoving painful knees, legs pounding loudly and others. At some point, Yuri realized that he made a big mistake - but it was too late. Unexpectedly in his left ear, there was cotton, which resembles the sound of the bursting of the bubble gum, then fell silent sounds, colors faded, the night rushed into the eyes, and that he had seen that and probably should have seen the first astronaut, into orbit - and it is a myriad, myriad of stars.
How much time has passed since the loss of consciousness Yuri history is silent, but it is known that he woke up already in the evening in the bedroom unfamiliar to him at home. His head after getting acquainted with the exigencies of the heel women's shoes were uncomfortable rewound towel. The old clothes had disappeared, and instead of his naked body covered female gown. If he had the opportunity to see ourselves at this moment in the mirror, he would have fell in on itself. He looked at it and really Great! His head ached as after a collision with an asteroid. Drug intoxication completely disappeared.
The last day pood kettlebell pop up in it, not too encumbered intellect consciousness. Frightened young man unfamiliar surroundings squandered looked around. But he jumped to his feet, like a hunted beast sprang to one side, then the other, but suddenly froze, but now well seeing where he was. The bedroom in which Yuri found himself in almost that fantastic circumstances was the size of a third of the old house, where in addition to his huddled also a few families; such floors covered with oak parquet luxury, such furniture, apparently once taken out of occupied Germany who was staring down the ceiling and a huge bronze chandelier and not typical, elaborate moldings, it is perhaps not seen no where.
The only thing he could see before, out of the total interior space, and that probably did not want to see, was the face of the leader of all people that looked down on him with one of the walls of the room in framing a thin, wooden frame. All the petty and cowardly nature of Yuri woke him from this angry look, because it was not necessary to be a great mathematician to find himself, as he threatened, and for girls, and the grass, and worst of all he committed evil shame honor of the first cosmonaut. And let go in 1963 the so-called thaw, yet the horrors of the past from the Kolyma stories brother, woke up alive in the memory of this quack at no will; the hair on his head moved, and the soul level with the plane of the polished floor.
Without delay a moment the young man strongly rushed to the window, but alas it was barred from the outside, he grabbed the handle of the door leading to the balcony - yes Razrazi of thunder who thought of the first to close a key to the door. Young man in horror again looked around. The door leading inside the house, was slightly ajar, for that flickered dimly, something - perhaps canopy dim lights, music was playing on the floor wandered quiet shadows. The young man swallowed hard, took a deep breath and tiptoed quietly, quietly moved in the direction of saving exit.
It's been a decent time since Yuri leaning on the doorframe and crossed his hands on his chest, watching what was happening. A look at what, veiled in haze languid silhouettes drawn in the space of the living room; noxious odor of marijuana, mingled with delicate aromas of perfume; postanyvanie quiet music gramophone; while the light playing with darkness, the flesh with their secret desires. All as one, all alone, all through space - it is currently in the spirit of socialism, materialism and female solidarity. And wow picture.
Two girls found refuge in a cozy leather couch, one in full negligee lying on it, the other not yet fully rid of clothes top sat on it, imperiously pressing in fragile body in soft leather and the third is the girl of this total, a delightful composition was sitting on the floor and clasping hands leg lying tongue played with her chiseled knee. A little farther, from them directly on the carpet spread out, rested two more naked body - as two squirming, as if fused with each other snakes. I have not read the Kama Sutra, I do not know what number was in this intricate poses, but I myself would call it - well !!! Last girl and not finding a couple sat on a chair, very close, his back to the contemplatives, and sipping a bong at the same time to play with her finger, in a cat-and-mouse.
Sometimes, she pulled out the moistened finger, sucked greedily, and his re-immersed in the hidden from the sight opening. To escape from under the fires robe villain, the young man could tell, and that sex in the Soviet Union still was a trace of lipstick, speaking in his rough and long barrel, and that he - that Mr. notorious, even in those days he could take a pretty liberal traits. Captured prisoner temptations, the young man did not think about running away, no idea about it, not completely eroded from his mind, but still supple gave way to a much more relevant: how now pay attention to the girls on their-forgotten person in order to to plunge into the alluring and vast ocean lizbiyskoy love.
First, he decided to cough - but it did not help, then droop - but the girls were very passionate about the process, finally, the young man was forced to loud, loud, say literally.
- Comrades, a girl can be a moment of your attention!
No, Stalin, of course, not alive, not the sky opened up, the music is not stalled, but the young man still achieved. Six interested pairs of eyes fixed on him at this point.
- Ah, finally, Yuri and you woke up, and we thought that deign to rest until morning. Pretends to be a good boy, so innocently, so in Russian gave the world his famous smile, but in fact turned out to be someone - great Shalunishka. How did it all the weave is not good!
Having said that one of the girls, the one that has remained all this time alone, and whose lipstick on an amazing coincidence had the same shade as the one whose trail as evidence at the crime scene gaped at the already mentioned excited body of Yuri, He stood up and walked straight to him.
The other girls immediately followed her example - as six hungry wolves surround his unfortunate victim. They approached slowly, softly, horribly. The young man, not waited this trick, backed away and retreated until until tripped over him already familiar bed. But suddenly, perhaps even to himself, proudly upright, his pupils playfully flashed and his lips slid smile. He swept the girls endearing eyes and after a pause said:
- And because I can, I really can do it!
- And who would doubt ... of course, you can, - responded cute brunette and rubbed her cheek on his shoulder - you Yuri Gagarin - the first astronaut, you should, it is your duty - you were born to be great.
- Yes I am, and he, by the way, too - a crook grinned, pointing to look down.
- Yes, it's a fact! But it would be nice to his appearance matched his performance.
With these words, alien tightly clutched the object of his admiration, and then the whole body fell upon George, and then another, and then the next and so everything.
As you can describe what describe virtually impossible. Fiction, which became a reality - a reality transfered fiction! Six to one, one to six, in a war in which the prisoner did not take. On whose side he was outnumbered understandable, but would say one character, a Hollywood film cliffs the one who bore the cliff.
And one of them all, it was ?! And he shot it so often and so accurately that even the first Texas cowboy would be forced to remove his hat before his undoubted talent. White streams of semen is not just any enemy: two covering the body, and the latter only greedy proboscis only intensified the effect of these exact results, without losing the possibility sbiralsya every drop, this well-known nectar from the bodies of each other. He won - they lost, and after two hours of continuous and agonizing porn novels, quietly slept together in one bed. He lay among the fallen bodies beautiful as emperor between his numerous concubines. O Lucky Man!
I woke up, the hero, who is not unknown to the war, the next morning, and found myself alone. And last stormy night showed only a crumpled sheet and perfume remaining on it. Pretty smiling rays risen sun, the guy pulled the foot slippers, and his naked body, a bathrobe, and stomped his inoplanetyanok look. Not finding them on the first floor of the building, he went down the stairs to the first floor, where he soon found all of them located in front of the futuristic screen TV worked. One glance thrown at them was enough to determine that something was wrong. However, it was only a fleeting feeling, to which due attention to the young man did not pay.
He wanted to kiss her on the cheek the first available dove, but suddenly received a rebuff. She just roughly pushed, for which last night was ready to perform any, even the most daring of his wishes, and doing so again plunged into the dreamy world of black-and-white screen. Rejected poor guy was forced to follow suit and, horror of horrors, to discover it, of whom he was not sure, but which have believed in himself. The hero, an astronaut, an example of any man, the idol and sex symbol of all the girls on both sides of the ocean, smiling his inimitable smile, shaking hands with no one bearded man.
A pleasant baritone announcer broadcast at the same time: a certain foreign business trip and meeting friendly hospitable people, and ... Yeah, what the actual difference is about what it was. So, here, too, sometimes. A world that was just in your hands, suddenly slips and breaks into small pieces that are no longer collected.
- I told you it is not, do not even look like droplets, Gagarin he won a high, two meters, I suppose, and this look, I'm sorry - Shorty - angry voice mumbled one of the girls and gave Yuri glare.
- Get out of here - immediately she added the second.
- Come on, shuruy astronaut spacesuit is not stuffed, - evil pritsedila third.
- But ... - I had wanted to protest a young man in front of this cruelty, but faltered. And in fact, what he was and what he was Yuri Gagarin. See the difference: David and Goliath, a worm and a beautiful dragon, an ordinary loser, and the pride and beauty of the whole nation. Like this.
Soon a young man from an extinct, and stared down somewhere, at his feet, a look out of the door the wonderful monastery, which in combination was also luxurious at the time the cottage. Moving away from the facade of the building, and approaching the envelope on all sides high, painted, metal fence, he did before to overcome this last on his way barrier, looked back, so that once and for all to save the place in memory where it is held the best clock in his life. On the balcony, the one to which he night, the last day and could not get there, gathered all his sexy Alien. He waved his pen, hoping for reciprocity, but, alas, hurt, having heard from them all the tighter phrase that is already so often heard in my life.
And the girl repeated it with some maniacal persistence, everything seemed to be louder or somewhere far away, on the balcony, but very close, and not just say, even with an increase in tone, and just after shouting in his ear . And suddenly, in this same left ear suddenly there was a cotton-like sound of the burst bubble gum. Colours of the world flowed as if the world was a white canvas, and they paint watercolors, flooded bright and anguished light in her eyes, and after a moment, Yuri had seen that and probably needed to see a tramp in his not favored by the happiness of life, namely - toothy, menacing impending face, the old janitor.
- I went out of here - all she repeated, shaking his hand. - I found where the debris, then Yuri Gagarin tree once planted, and you made a rookery here, goddamn junkie. That'll tell you right now who should be, so they'll quickly lead to the feeling, here in the park, we know what orders. It can not be - the woman shook her before his face forefinger.
He got up and sat on the bench on which all this while lying, and wiping the already well unshaven chin, still sleepy eyes looked around: next to him on the left side of actually towering trees planted many years ago, the first astronaut on the right high in the air between the special pillars was stretched poster: Exhibition of nostalgia for the 50th anniversary of the legendary Gulls, on the contrary, precisely on the same bench on which he sat himself, sat a girl, and spread on both sides of the stacks of plump legs, staring at him with contempt. From her mouth and then show up the pink tip of gum.
- I tell you, let's shuruy here - not appeased cleaner.
The young man looked at her in silence, stood up, took a few steps toward the girl.
- What? - Coldly stared at him that.
But instead of answering the young man threw the focus that whether he would certainly have ended over a campaign to rheumatology. He sharply bent. For a moment, his face caught up with the opening cut legs. Folds, felts heaven, hell or omitted, immediately shut before ... this blatant stare.
He was walking along the footpath, and behind him were just starting excitedly, heard terrible curse. In general, he deserved it.
Soon, Yuri has wandered through the Kurortny Avenue, along the city's main highway. Nonda raced past him, Mercedes, Lexus yes. Above, thousands of square eyes complex of high-rise buildings. It was 2008.
It's summer vacation! The first three days I spent at home just stupid! Then, tired of his wife at work, I'm home alone, I decided to hit the road to the next town to the old friends and acquaintances! Fortunately a number - just 40 km away! Came to stop ringing all night met, many have not seen for a long time! He called me and Valery! He, too, has arrived! We sat noisy in some mess, quietly began to disperse! Valera asked where I was staying, I was told that the apartment removed in a certain area! He says he went to a beer and sit-popizdim shall find! Come on!
The mess is not particularly drank, talked more! We took a beer, we come! We drink, we communicate! Then he blurts "Do you remember in the sauna, and you have a detached house? Let us also! Suck and!".If Than as a joke! I do not believe his ears! Had he, too, as I'm still inclined to the sex? I'm excited, but for decency protested "Yes Bind Valer!". I do not understand that a craving for sex with a guy with it only with him! Apparently affected by the fact that the first sex in general we had with each other! He pulls out a member, pulls it rises from his chair, he came up to me and pokes in the face "pine, and!". How would like to pounce on him, immediately swallow and suck! But I translate into a joke, pulling away, say "calm down". "even touch" continues Valery!
I'm the type of reluctantly taking his cock in his hand, poluvstavshy, fleshy so! I began to pull! He makes a muffled sounds, but it is clear he likes them! I Tereblya it for more than three minutes, and it's still the same! "No, he gets you" I tell him! "And you make lips" said Dumpling! I could barely hold back! From this fear, this embarrassment? It is not just sucking each other! "Okay, liznu" I mumbled! Approached a member, just licked the head, the second! Rose began to lick his balls! ALL, I realized - I will not stop! Licking eggs, trunk, head finally take it in your mouth! That's great! This class! Again I suck Valery! I start to get up mouth that I can! Sosa, moving his head back and forth! Tongue caressed the head, and when he let down the trunk as I can draw out the tongue that would caress the eggs! A member has a solid-solid!
Here I stop! I get up from the couch! "Let's at least get undressed" I offer! Sam off his clothes quickly take off! He say wait and starts to undress himself! He took off his shirt, sat on his knees, unbuckled the belt, get down pants (just now I understand that I want to do for ALL women)! Hats cowards! Here it is all naked and his penis in front of me, which I love so much! I take his hand at the base and pull slightly, implying Valery himself interpose! He realized at once approached inserted! Only a member came into my mouth, I once again feel an indescribable joy! Now I remember all porn as there suck! Again, I understand, I want to be like these pornoshlyuhi! Suck, lick, kiss, I drive myself in the face, the neck (the benefit was clean-shaven)! Again I suck, I drive on the eyes, nose, lips! At the same time my eyes closed!
I stop! "Turn on the lights" Valery say! It was past 12 at night, dark! "Nahua" otshepatl it! "It should be fucking" I replied immediately! He turned on! "I'm going to suck, but you look at me, okay?" "Well, well, suck" and inserts it to me again in the mouth! Again, all the tricks I know what a blow job! But now I look at him in the eye and try to smile with him by a dick in your mouth! As pornoshlyuha I want myself! I think enough for a child, starting razrabyvat throat rasslabyalyu her and quietly trying to take a member of the deeper! Just do not go out - rvotnyn gusts, but do not give up! After three or four minutes left! Now I swallow it all, pushing his crotch at a time for a breath enough! Now it's time to make it clear Valera, let fuck me in the mouth!
I take him by the buttocks and current on yourself! This idiot does not cut and modest frictions! I stopped, and I say otdyshivayus "Che tupish? Come as then, in the sauna, fuck me in the mouth, throat"! "aah, okay, let's" joyfully replied Dumpling! I inhale deeply to sit down on the penis, Valera takes me from behind his hands behind his head and began to fuck in the mouth! I fling "Not this way! Take the hair, coarse as a heifer and fuck!" "OK" All that said, and actually grabbed from behind by the hair and stabbed a member of the tonsils, even the air I did not have time to dial! Here is the man! And he began to fuck! So fucking awesome, I was just happy! On the rising rhythm I realized ends! I pull out "Give glotnu air, right now, to finish in me, as you start to splash, to push through that power is"!
Inhale is placed on a member, he hews, accelerates and then he two hands pripechatal my face to his pubis pressing harder and moves have only a basin, and my throat beat sperm flows, I gasp, trying to get out, it's not just his orgasm obaaaaldenyyyy and apparently, he holds firmly and presses harder! Barely I recoiled, coughing, flies sperm, mucus and throat, tears in his eyes (of such pressure on the throat)! Try to quickly come to his senses, taking his cock start dodrachivat hand quickly, in the hope that he vybryzgal! Uraaa! Not all! Like a real porn star unleashes his mouth, sending a member of its direction of 7-8 cm from it and masturbate him! Here they are, here they are hot spray in the mouth, on the face! When a member has ceased to gush, quickly I take it in your mouth and suck!
And all this time Valera twitching in agony! Greedily suck until it fell not at all! He fell, Valera came around! I'm a member of sluggish collect sperm from the face do not fall into the mouth and send it right into his mouth, I swallowed almost everything! And I continue to suck quite a hanging member! Valera was trying to stop me, but I clamped his lips, turned his head, making it clear I did not suck! Sosa another three minutes, licked again led them in the face! Then he stood up, sat down next to Valerka! We sat 5 minutes, he said, "get up, I will"! I got up and started to do already Valera blow me! (We do this with the youth from the queue)! In general, it sucked me, it was great! And then there was another night, mutual suction! I'll describe it later! That's great!
She failed the most important test at school. The only way to receive credit - to meet with the teacher and do whatever he wants.
Well I must admit it and she wanted to meet him. She saw what eyes he looked at her in the classroom, but pretended not to notice. But, sometimes passing by she loved to watch his reaction when he saw her pink panties casually got out above the edge of her pants, or when it is responding at the board raised the fallen chalk on the floor, bent down so that he could see her panties from under school uniforms, and then, looking at him with innocent eyes continued to meet the lesson. He was very embarrassed, and every once in his eyes light up a strange light, which she could not guess, was it something, causing goose bumps began to run.
And today, when she came out of the most recent class, he stopped her and told her that if she wants to receive credit, you must come to him in the evening and to fulfill all that he has to say. She has not been able to decide, but still decided to go and wearing uniforms, went to him. When she came in, he had not attacked her and did not even try to kiss as she had expected. He quietly sat down and began to look at her in silence. She stood in the middle of the room and did not know what to do. Finally he said:
- You're not doing my subject, I think, to begin with you must be properly punished.
Punish? She wanted to rebel, wanted to laugh in his face. From indignation she did not know what to say. But at the same time she looked at his teacher and knew that he could not resist it. In his view, there was so much confidence, so imperturbable calm that it was simply impossible to resist this.
- From now on you will do all that I command! You understood?
- Y-yes - and could only squeeze it.
- You have to say yes, Sir, - he said with the same calmness and tranquility.
- Yes, sir. She could not believe her eyes that she is doing what all is going on here, why she listened to him. She comforted herself with the thought that all this is just for the offset.
- Stand on your knees!
She obeyed.
He pulled the collar.
- After I wear this collar on you, you will be fully obey me as long as I did not want to take it off. You agree?
She was silent. At this point, it fought the most contradictory feelings. On the one hand she wanted to receive credit for this you need to do whatever he wants teacher. On the other hand she did not know what he was going to do with it and it is very frightened her.
But, thinking that after all she was his student, and certainly nothing to worry he does not, she agreed with her.
- Yes …. Mr.
He put her collar.
- Well, because you're always chattering in class, are not ready for classes to start appointing you 5 strokes.
Her eyes widened as she watched in horror as he unbuttoned the strap as it takes.
- Now arise, lean his hands on his knees, and do not try to stop me.
She has done everything he said.
He came up behind her raised form, stroked her ass, then pulled her panties to her knees. Then he began to stroke her ass with a belt.
She was terribly ashamed, she could not believe in the reality of the events.
- Please do not! I do not anymore!
- Of course, you will not! After 10 shocks a lot of things you will not do. For example, sit ... And now you have to consider strikes. I'll flog you until you hear "10".
He swung and struck the first blow. Startled, she still had time to say - One.
He quickly began to hit from the back to the legs, so that the tenth whole ass was covered with smooth strips. She busied herself, cried, moaned, but the time to count.
Now you should thank me. But first, get on your knees.
She got up on her knees.
- Thank you, Mr.
He raised it to her lips belt, and she could do nothing but to kiss him.
- Well, now you can undress.
She was finally broken, but she is not expecting it, she felt that she was very excited. She took off all my clothes and have the habit she knelt.
He took a rope and tied her hands behind her back. She was so excited that all of what she's dreamed of it as quickly as possible to feel his cock inside. He seemed to read her thoughts.
- Well, I look to you all liked this, you want me to fuck you?
- Yes my Lord!
He began to undress, she anxiously watched him. He took off his shirt, she saw his broad shoulders and strong arms. She wanted him to quickly embraced her with these hands. He began to unbutton his pants and finally pulled off the heat. She saw that he was already excited, it seemed to her so great member. He went to her, she realized that she needed from obediently opened her mouth and began to fondle his penis tongue and lips, moaning swept her wishes. Then he dropped it and began to fondle her breasts, she was writhing, moaning with impatience and wanted madly wanted him.
But he was in no hurry.
First he put a gag in her mouth. Then, having tied her with a rope nipples, he started a rope behind her back and tied her hands to the bound, lifting them up a little, so that if she put her hands lower, or move them, the rope is stretched and pulled her breasts up. Then, tilting it down, he decided that we should also add a belt blows. At first, he slowly moved his belt on her legs and ass, then put some not strong blows and gradually increasing the force of the blow, he smacked her stronger, until her ass is not all covered with red stripes. She twitched and writhed under the blows, causing her nipples stretched and blushed.
The pain and humiliation tears welling up in her eyes, but at the same time a burning desire for more was spreading inside her, and when he finally rudely and unceremoniously entered her, she bent over the body and leaned against him.
How I feel bad today as sore knees, nauseated and unsteady. Honey, punish me, I came back so late ... Though, your own fault, my faithful husband! Who made you hurry yesterday? Who drove you? Why are you so rude and climbed sharply at me, put on my dry pussy? Why are you fussing nozzles on me and thought that was about to close the car market and you will remain without new caps? I did not have time to finish even once, and you're already dressed and left, never having finished himself. You do not want to. You wanted new caps, seat belt, a graphite lubricant and something else there ...
I got out of bed almost in tears. How so? My other half, my beloved, my husband does not want me! Morale fell below nowhere, it had to be lifted by any means, because today corporate! Today, I must shine. The director was strictly ordered all heads of departments to be at the event and follow the propriety of conduct of his subordinates. That did not work like last time when one had to dismiss, and the other - demoted. But yesterday I sent everyone an email with pictures: "... at corporate events is prohibited debauchery (Kissing Aladdin and Princess), get drunk in the trash (gorged itself Pumbaa), to undress and show underwear (baby diapers) ..." and continue in the same spirit.
The kids liked the letter, so that, hopefully, will not forget about it. The team of young, in my unit 50, and older than 20 years are only three. The worst part is that for most it will be the first in their corporate life. I'm so worried, because God forbid what is wrong - not to demolish my head! Headmistress dismissed and not blink an eye! So, stop thinking about work! It's time to think about yourself beautiful. More precisely, not even beautiful! Homes in the shower - shave your legs, hands, pussy. At 14:00 barber, then a manicure, pedicure and 19:00 to be in place. And I have not even dress cuddle!
At 13:30, I left the house in pantyhose with lurex, snow-white linen, short black dress and boots on huge heels. Always go to a party at his heels, this gives me confidence, and increases the attractiveness. After all, with the heels I rise above the crowd undersized rivals on full 192 cm. Try here did not notice me! Of course, under the coats of all this happiness it is not visible yet, but I'm not going to shoot passers-by. I - a decent married woman, middle manager, the expectant mother and the current ideological mentor of a sufficiently large number of half-grown children.
15 minutes brisk pace and I was in a chair by the beloved master Serezhika. As he is good today! This color it is. Dark hair, such as jeans, tight-fitting elastic back of his shirt unbuttoned and a young, tanned, pumped breast paraded. Pretty boy! As if I had filled up on a massage couch ... Just today stout aunt Anna, kneads any cellulite to a state infant cheeks, she took a day off and the office is empty. Nobody not even notice that we are lost for half an hour. Nimble fingers gently and confidently massaged my head, massaging shampoo, shampoo washing, applying a mask, washing off the mask ... I broke into a chair with pleasure. The next customer had 2 hours ... What a pity that Serge blue.
Manicures and pedicures Katya doing great! My hands and feet have been carefully washed, cleaned, polished and rubbed with fragrant oil. It remains to cover the nails scarlet lacquer, as I like it - I'm free! And in the hours of 4, free to do two and a half hours? Oh, I know what I want to do. But how? Long live the mobile communication!
- Hey.
- Hey. What are you doing?
- Nothing special, I sit on the Internet.
- Available next 3 hours?
- And what do you suggest?
- I want you.
- Come.
Now, call a taxi, and pay with the administrator. Katya ends turn me into the prom queen, the taxi driver is already rushing to order, and I feel like my white panties become wet. A little more, another 20 minutes and the aching emptiness in the abdomen is full member of the highest quality. I will be with him, below him, on him, side, rear, and how you want!
Finally, after the phone rings:
- Taxi "Speed", ordered the car?
- Yes!
- Blue "Opel" 174 waits.
And I'm flying up the stairs, I was ready to scream with joy, I can smell his freshly washed body. He always takes a bath, when waiting for a meeting. More hot water, still wet, a great and strong ...
The first entrance, three magic buttons:
- It's me
- Come on!
The heavy door, seventh floor, and there he met me in the hallway, his bare chest, his huge shoulders the entire width of the opening, all two meters of growth. I get up on tiptoes to kiss him on the lips:
- Honey, I'm so bored! Good my last ...
- Varenka ...
- Take me on the shoulder, please!
Bear lifts me up and circling, circling! I'm like a child on father's shoulders a little-little, but he is an adult. I burn from the cold face feel cold fingers, and so want to warm up ...
- You'll be tea and cake? Mom baked.
- Of course I will.
And we go to the kitchen, put the kettle, Michael cut the cake, I look out the window. He comes back and hugs me, pressed my face to the back. Hands, his strong huge hands pressed me to the pain, he growls in my neck and shaking, I feel like it is shaking. Another moment and he is in me. I hold on to the sill, and CURRENT on the trunk, trying to grab his head, keep in yourself, do not let, do not let's move. Just fill all of me is, cell to cell, so close, so warm ... And he, more and more, so hard that it hurts me, I'm screaming, he growls, creaks the sill. I've already rested his forehead against the cold glass, but this does not relieve the pain - it's too deep, he pierces my steel blade, tearing me apart and can no longer hold back his shaking, he wolf howling wounded and it lasts and lasts.
He can not stop once it finds the waves, sweeping so that he understands nothing, squeezes me black and blue, let go, and in a few seconds again. Most of all I love this moment. I have time to finish a few times until it releases the sweet flour ecstasy ...
Mishka has released me from the embrace, I drink tea, fed mother's pie. There was still a free hour and a huge bed, the laid black silk underwear. Misha and I on a black background - a very tune. At least, it has brought me. Misha has been so configured, I looked down, obviously nervous because of weak erection. But what am I to his folly? I want more and I'll get! It's so easy to take him in hand, though soft, but still a huge dick with a sweet plump appetizing head. I lose one touch to it. But with the lubricant even better hands glide quickly, gently, freely. His tool is predictably filled with blood, he gets his eyes and groans.
I sit down and look at it, carefully watching how he screwed up his eyes and groans. So easy to control such a term, I slightly squeeze the muscles and I feel like I embrace it whole pussy, I hear, he takes a deep breath, tugging her hips. Pressure is stronger and has a wonderful head clung to my neck, pressed it, and kissed passionately "point G», and Bear roars and writhes, vainly struggling with insanity. Let go, and he moans: "How do you do it." Silly something to answer. It's just a tenderness, a great tenderness, cover my head. She does everything for me.
Came a taxi, in his shoes, I close the hall, so I want to stay, but it was almost 7, is about to begin our collective spree from border to border, in a clearly defined framework of decency. Straw in paradise.
- So far, my dear! I'll try to come back soon.
- I'm waiting for you, Varechka.
I go into a huge hall nightclub. At the entrance are greeted crazy gangsters in suits portray racket require any grandmother, got. I need to dance, I do not have to! I feel good, I'm happy, I'm now crazy. I take a glass of juice at the bottom and go to look for ... their subordinates. My unit beat in the chill-out, in the dark corner. Girls and boys have gathered food, wine and beer, waiting for the rest. I said a toast to our unit, most moral, stable, educated and discreet division of the company! And diluted clinking crystal glasses with wine thud cup with juice.
People coming and coming, the music blared, all huddled in the corners. I grabbed the hands of colleagues and dragged to dance. Headmistress indulgently looked at this action from the second floor, while sipping champagne from high glasses and curled around our personnel officer - old soldier with nasty mustache and excellent posture. Started distribution of prizes and gifts, shop soft-stuffed toys dragged customers personalized gifts, handed in front of everyone, what the sober of the staff was ready to tear them apart.
Head shop rubber toys, colloquially "gum" or worse, will not say how, cut off the festive award, the size of the salary for material savings, and we, modest salespeople, got only a couple of bonuses in 1000 rubles for the rest of the crowd, and those for some nonsense. Boring time of delivery, awards, and other sayings diluted mediocre local rock-and-roll team, people steadily nazhiratsya, crept out of the slots on the dance floor and the fun began. Beer poured a river of wine - a fountain, cocktail spilled into the sea. Personnel got me between the toilet and the dance floor and lectured a glass of wine. I had to drink to his health. Returning to dance, I looked around: young people in costumes of bandits, in caps, striped uniforms, with belomorinu in the teeth, the ladies in granny dresses and hats, lined moth. What moron came up with the concept of the evening?
At the bar stood Zhorzhik - Buddy from a tin shop, a master of the press, the bassist of the punk band "Flying irons." He was wearing a glamorous sweatpants firm "Abbibas" cap, flannel plaid shirt and suspenders. From under his cap fraerskoy treacherously sticking black tail long hair. It is for these braces I had something on the dance floor and pulled. As he was good as well! Tall, lean, happy ... Clever DJ is just a theme kerf "Vladimir Central" and we clung to each other in a slow dance. He felt the rhythm, he held me firmly and confidently. Just the way I like. He led me, and I'm not him. And I still felt weak through the thin dress, but the riser. He smiled, looking his bottomless blue eyes, and smiled. It's not gone, for nothing hinting nothing on hoping.
And in my head already mixed spun whirlwind of desire, fear and dreams ... As if I did ... But tell the headmistress? You can not, can not be! Melody ended just when I covered the attack of fear, and I let him go. Sorry, but the work is more expensive.
I danced to the bar and sat down on a chair and ordered a white wine. Nearby sat a stranger man in a gray sweater gross domestic breeding. He looked like a Norwegian fisherman from advertising, the same strange, out of place. They drank with him, it turned out, he meets a bartender.
- Let's Dance! - I called him.
- I very expensive prostitute
- What???
- I will cost you dearly.
- You do not look like a prostitute. I have friends men of this kind, they are quite different.
Still, I pulled him to dance.
- What's your name?
- Stanislav.
- Varvara.
Again I turned the head of a cocktail of fear and lust. And again I ran away from the cavalier, trying not to lose face. As it is difficult to deny yourself in what way you want!
Carnival pulled me around, from bar to chill out and back on the dance floor, changed the face, couple, dance, music. There remained only Zhorzhik, then flashed here and there, and Stanislav. At the next round, he grabbed my arm and utyanul for sofas on the second floor. was his friend the bartender with him, he called Stanislaus Eugene. I asked him what was his real name, and I heard: "Sergei". And I, in principle, it does not care. I was with him not to baptize children. Sergey began to take me by the arms and knees, peeking behind the cutout dresses and I had to retire with a cry: "Ham! What do you allow yourself?!"
I went down a ladder to fix make-up and have a drink in the dark armchair. Bring in the order of thought. How good this Stas-Eugene-Sergei ... brown eyes, evil, dark, face right, swarthy, the growth of my dreams ...
- I did not stop? - Zhorzhik sat down next to me.
- No, that's you.
- I'll bring the champagne, - he handed me a glass of sparkling rose and we drank to the increase in production volumes. I lowered my hand and realized that the volumes have increased, while production is about to begin ... The ceiling swung invitingly, I slipped under the table, he told Zhorzhik smoking bored and unzipped his fly on his pants stylish. I expected anything, how can you understand in advance how it will be a member of a Man, before you see yourself.
Slightly curved to the body long enough for my little pussy nice and plump - a wonderful member Zhorzhik. At first had to lick the sweat of labor, the guy came right after the change and had not washed away. It was unpleasant, but I endured in order to experience the true taste of his body. I suffered not in vain. The taste was unusual, a little spicy, but so attractive. I did not want to come off, but Zhorzhik hardened inexorably tightened forgotten and even moaned softly. I had to squeeze it at the base tightly and wait a bit. Zhorzhik made tightness and I continued. To the table came a little girl, hello. My sweetie frankly sent her on dick. She swore and ran more trenchant. Again, he almost did not finish.
Yes, what is it? I do not want so fast! I want sucked it all, I want a good massage your tired out glands. So you want to lick, touch the tongue, swallow and kiss. More and more. In the eyes have tears from deep blowjob. It tears of happiness, I love when they appear. They indicate the quality of the extraction, I have already noticed.
Zhorzhik jerked and moaned again, this time louder and more expressive. I am, of course, no one will notice, but if he continues to be so openly express emotions, suitable protection, or worse, someone from management. Okay, handsome, stop. Come on, vyplesni all in my mouth, I'll drink your seed to the last drop. I can suck out all that you wanted to give me, without spilling a single gram past.
I carefully crawled out from his hiding place, Zhorzhik put his head on the table and closed arms. From the side it seemed that he just went over and asleep. I kissed him on the plaid his cap and ran until we saw no one, together. Not worth the risk, right?
Sponges I, of course, wiped, but it is better to correct makeup. Pretty swinging her hips, I heels clattered to the toilet. At the sink was Sergei, so we had to go straight into the booth, if you can call it. Shelves at chest level was not here, but the place would be enough for ten people. Why build a toilet in the club? I settled down on the toilet, like a queen in the throne room, experienced a heavenly delight, pulled pantyhose. Then a door opened and ... Sergei came back and closed his saving input. The breast is then boomed down and stopped there. It seems the heart.
We stood face to face in a public toilet, where decent people defecate and do not kiss! We did not kiss, we looked into each other's eyes. I laughed, or rather grinned silently, defiantly rock, and he looked at me, examining all, I tried on. "Stop it! What are you doing? I will not do it in the toilet! I am not so lost her mind! I still have my way to work! "- I pushed him toward the door and adjusted the dress. All that's enough, it's time for dancing, drinking and rip. He too relaxed, I missed the door. I took hold of the handle and opened it.
In sharp tug by the hair, he turned me around and pressed his face to the wall. I do not even have time to scream. And what's the point to shout? The door is open. Lord, what to do? And to be honest, he would rather fuck me! But if someone enters, or just hear my voice, passing by the end of my career ... The end of my work ... And there is a crisis, unemployment, small benefits ... He had pulled my panties with stockings just below the skirt and teased that same skirt up. Oh, what to do ?? Yelled? Nabegut colleagues and I are here with a bare ass. Shut up? What if someone has spies, or even pictures of the crack treacherously open the door? I'm going crazy! You can not do it this way! So scary and I was wet all seems today will drop to the floor.
Some 2 seconds, he unbuttoned his fly, without letting go of my red hair from his right hand. 2 seconds, for which I could put an end to my life and excited to electric cod in the brain. 2 seconds muzzle to the wall with bare defenseless protruding ass and with a strip of light from the open door ...
"Finally!" - I gasped when he abruptly put his penis into me. He entered as a home, as a full winner, the entire length. Even I lifted my bedplate for a moment and go back already. So sharply, brazenly. He fucked me, did not like - had. Similarly, had! As a jackhammer. From every jerk I imprinted on the wall, it hurts, but I did not care. Somewhere on the edge of consciousness flashed the thought that if he stays on his cheek a bruise, it will be bad. But she was carried away by the next blow from behind. It seemed to me that I've got all cramped and I just about broke it a little member, compress it so that he can not move, stop gimlet me to bite into my body, to tear me up inside.
But nothing terrible will happen, he did not cry out in pain, not enough for a member, but I have become blurred, the world is filled with pink mist, at the bottom of all burned, trembled and exploded. I think I still moan, so he abruptly pulled my hair and whispered, "Shut up!". But he, too, was short-lived. I felt like it hardens, is poured, filling me all himself. After a moment, he drove it to me on the whole length and hands grasping his shoulders, planted me even deeper. The first portion of the sperm came in me a sharp push, and I came again. The two of us was shaking, his legs did not hold, so we were both standing facing the wall and breathing heavily. Mind began to slowly come back to me, I had more pull pants, tights, running to the sink to wash. And when I looked up to the mirror, he was gone.
What a shame, what a nightmare. Did anyone see that? And suddenly, I heard from a neighboring cubicle? What a bastard, one of the traitors who laid our guys last time? What will happen? No, you can not. Not a place of debauchery at corporate events! His place at home, with the secure locks, and without witnesses.
I went - there was no one around, no one was looking with a sneer. All the same katilo on the thumb: drinking, dancing, fun. People circled pairs in a slow dance. I picked up my old companion in sin, proven and reliable as a KGB agent, Suren. So many times we have been together for so many years, I know him, that he was very happy.
- How do you?
- Good. And you?
- Not bad. What are your plans for tonight?
- And what are the options?
- We come to me?
- How about in an hour. I'll call a taxi.
Again rushed whirlwind: dancing, music, wine. All of us - the kings of the night, the Princess an hour. The headmistress had already left, but it does not mean anything - around one snitches.
An hour later, Suren came up to me, put his arm around her shoulders and we went to get dressed. Exit - is on the verge of Nikita with his hands in his pockets and staggered. Suren foolish greeted him:
- Hello! What are you waiting for?
- Yes, that's going home.
- We too are tired.
And in a brazen Nikita sits in our taxi. I'm shocked. Suren calm, like a boa constrictor. And somehow, silently we came to his house. Nikita behaved as if nothing had happened: agreed for tea, Russell in the kitchen, grabbed his head and stared at the table. Kettle boiled, Suren has placed the cup, took a cookie. I was all already strained. 25 years - is no longer the age when you can walk all night and in the morning, not sleep, to run at a lecture or something. Yes, and my husband is waiting for me ... Dawn soon as he drinks tea!
- I think I'll call myself a taxi.
- What for? You feel bad I have? - Suren came up to me, put his hand on her shoulder.
- I feel good, but it is time to go home. Late at all, or rather very early.
- Do not fuss, come on, I'll show you something - and he got me on the spiral staircase to the third floor.
- ABOUT! You bought a new bed? I like! - The bed was enormous, three meters by three, at least. It's not even a bed, it is something unimaginable! - How are you at her bedclothes pulled out?
- In order sew that nonsense! She found that the discussion. Come here…
I timidly walked up to the edge of the bed, touched, an example of the village. The feeling is very unusual.
You sit like Alice in Wonderland in the middle of the great hall, the walls go up at an angle, no one knows where, to the left is lit a real fire on the floor of the skin of an unknown beast and big fluffy carpet. Every word echoes, and no windows. Not at all, or they simply can not see - did not understand. Suren took me by the chin, looked me in the face, eyes narrowed:
- Well, the beauty, let's go take a shower?
Between the legs ached sweetly. How not to go there? I know, you handsome, I remember your kindness, your lips, your body.
- Let's go to.
We stood under the shower, rubbed each other washcloth, kissing, laughing, such slippery from soap, it is impossible to resist: just wanted to slide his hands down and down, gently touching his penis, and he - my breasts, buttocks, thighs. He was standing, once went into the booth, and from my caresses became hard, almost stone. Taught by experience of previous meetings, I did not stop, though, and realized that he was about to finish. "First I go" - I thought, enthusiastically smearing his semen on her stomach. Now another short round, and you can already stretch the pleasure. I lathered his treasure, trying not to miss a single crease or one millimeter, and while I was preparing it to the main action in the bedroom, he inevitably hardened, swelled in his eyes and finally disgorged something white and sticky in my hand.
- Do you like? - Suren said, smiling and looking me in the eye.
- Of course, you know.
- Vytresh towel me? - And I wrapped him in a soft white towel. Dark, tanned Suren always in white and wet, naked beauty in the middle of the huge bed. I think we are well looked. I froze and pulled off his towel:
- Now it's your turn to wipe me.
Suren massaged my tired legs, fingers kissed and whispered tenderness, while I was resting, thinking, how do we do it this time? He and I have tried a lot of things over the years of love, and even hidden his fantasies I know.
Even what he was afraid to admit to myself. I certainly will fulfill his secret dream, sure. But I do today? I'm so tired ... Suren turned me on my stomach, gently parted bun and walked the tongue on the anus. Try on. Once I yelled that we should not and does not now, then you can. Come on, kitty, come on my Snow Leopard, kneads me courting. Oh, how do I insert it now, right in the ass ... I cringed with anticipation, but Suren not let me go, continuing to massage the soft hole, each time a little deeper plunging finger step by step getting closer and closer. Well, probably the same, well, take me! How long can you wait? I groaned. Quietly, almost inaudibly, but he realized:
- Do you want me, babe?
- Yes.
- Do you want me to get in?
- Yes.
- I can not hear!
- Yes! Yes Yes!
- You'll have to ask me about this well. - And he put his finger on me full-length, I even flinched, but he held me tight.
- Suren, my dear, please ...
On the stairs there was a rustle, I opened my eyes, stood on the threshold of Nikita and looked at us. Without surprise and without much interest. As for furniture. Suren froze for a second:
- Hey, Nick .... you'll be third?
- A Th there? I will.
- Then go into the shower. The first door on the right. - Nikita and went into the shower, you could hear how he turned on the water. I tensed:
- Suren, I do not know him. I do not want him. You what?
- You want me, dirty woman?
- Want. I want you, but not him!
- You get me. But from the beginning, I do what I say. Understood?
- Yes. - I whispered.
- I do not hear the creature! - He grabbed my hair and pulled so that I could see his eyes shining in the twilight and seriously frightened. So I have not seen it yet.
- Yes, cute, huh !!!
- That's - and again he reached into me with his nimble fingers. I am so afraid that completely relaxed, as long as it does not interfere. A couple of minutes later he just caressed me, I even started to have fun and wet as the last knot.
Surprisingly, I now have a pair of male rape, and I'm here to spread! Do I want this? Can not be! How many times have tried, always only pain and disappointment. I hate when they are just two!
The bathroom door slammed on the floor splashed wet feet, is now stamped on the carpet, getting closer and closer. I do not even want to open my eyes. Suren again pulled me by the hair (God, what's left of my placement?!?), But this time gently, his hands pulled at the waist and put me crustaceans. I still can not open her eyes, did not want to see this white-haired freak - Nikita, beside him.
- Pretty, open your mouth, take it. - I heard the voice of Suren, and obediently opened her mouth. The lip poked something quite solid. I even smiled. I wonder whose it is? I am able to determine the lips? I licked the bridle - is not clear, sucked the head - is not clear. She took it all - Now it is clear! At Suren trunk is longer and thinner, this is me now, he gently inserted into the anus. Professionally, without pain, not in a hurry, knows the value of a good start. After all, the slower and more careful in my log, the longer I can endure. But now I do not want to endure. I want to have me. I like that, I feel, as a lubricant already overflowing vagina and runs straight to my favorite member Suren, he already wielded pace in me.
How difficult to suck when you're such a sweet fucking from behind. I now and then stray from the rhythm, and Nikita, apparently, the plant matter that made me Suren. He already took out napokaznuyu fully and easily insert me your body for the most eggs.
- Something to me here is spacious, kitty. You want us to fuck you pussy. I can see her crying as she asks about her not forgotten. - Suren gently stroking my clitoris, on the lips, purposely avoiding my aching vagina. I have from this goosebumps, I'd love to. But I know how it hurts! I've tried! But then one of the guys was too high, and now the two are normal. And then I do not want to, and now there is so much grease that will last for two ...
In general, when Suren lay back and planted me on the ass and legs spread and gestured Nikita, I did not resist. I've been waiting for this. Nikita came easily, accurately, what I did not expect from him. The feeling of fullness last added lips, it seemed to me that I fuck, and still suck. Nikita did not have time to finish the movement, as I have already finished, twitching and moaning Crucified between them. Suren took me closer and away. I screamed that echoes not kept pace with repeat after me. I spit, as they wanted, but gently, without injuring. Suren Nikita finished faster, and left us alone. I somehow do not feel sick from his Slavic faces, I enthusiastically jumped on it, took a deep blowjob, surrendered in servile poses and a little tired when he finally filled my face protein mass.
Here - and then I woke up. At 6 in the morning hours, the house husband, and I'm here all the filthy! I rushed into the bathroom and washed her face, ran down to the kitchen, called a taxi and began to dress. When the dispatcher called, I kissed them both and ran out of the gate in the dark blue "Opel". My favorite driver Bear smiled at, but I decided that enough for today. I'm already too late to go home.
Small stories vol.1
bOdnoklassnitsa / b
Author: nikt83
My name is Nikita. When there was a story, I was 14 years old. Ordinary boy, who already like, but no one does not. One night after watching porn and nadrochil, I woke up with a clear intention of someone to fuck today. The school talked about this idea to friends. They are happy to have supported and we began to think whom. The choice fell on our classmate-A student - Light. She was already awesome figure, plump lips and huge tits. In addition to all this, Sveta was touchy, unlike the others, our classmates and always looked at us with your friends somehow down. So we decided to get back at her.
I catch it in the ladies' room and waited for the call to the lesson that everything was quiet in the hallways. We were three. Sergei held her back by the hand, and we started with Dennis. He raised the humble tee shirt (Light always dressed modestly) and began to touch her huge chest, and I reached under her skirt. Light izvyvalas but not screaming, afraid that someone would hear and then shame can not be avoided. I, honestly speaking, had expected more resistance from her. Meanwhile, my hand already crawled under her panties and fingering her pussy, which opened towards me and already slightly wet. I immediately stood up. Sergei stroked her ass, while Dennis patted his chest. Then we put it on his knees, his podastavali hot stand-cocks and began to give it to his mouth. It was delicious. After she sucked me, I came back and stuck his stick in her pussy already burning.
I finished quickly, then her fucked guys and ended on the face or in the mouth. Then he caught his breath and not much more, and decided to fuck her ass. I spit in the hole and began to drive out there with your finger, then stuck in second and third. And guys with two hands fingered her pussy. It gave her no pleasure imaginable. And when I stuck dick in the ass, in the mouth Serega and Denis in the pussy, and we're all finished soon. A little breath, ponadevali pants and went to class. And the lesson I sat and thought not that she already touchy. Not Tselkov was neither there nor there. And when managed?
bMoy friend / b
Author: Strawberry
I am 16 let.Zovut Olya..sovsem recently, I was called in the fall in a movie my friend Vlad, he was 19. At night syans.Film called Saw 5.Bylo already dark, the film started at 9 pm. We sat vmeste.On hugged me and tried to touch all sorts of =
Where the 40 minutes before the end of the movie I fell asleep. Then he woke up in his car. He drove me to his domoy.Ya did not mind because it is good to communicate with him.
After 20-30 minutes we were at home. He undressed and lay down in a huge bed. I went to dush.Ya was washed, he entered the vannuyu.Zashёl me in the shower. He started to pester. I hugged him, we kissed, that, he lifted my feet, hoping for seks.Ya began to beat him, and said it is not ready yet. I was devstvennitsey.On vyshel.Ya pomylas, wrapped in a towel, he again entered, hoping to try seksa.Ya told him "no". He hit me in the face, I felt dizzy, I fell, but consciousness is not poteryala.On took me in his arms and carried her into spalnyu.Polozhil on the bed and pulled off my towel.
I did not have any sil.Hotelos spat.Poka he wore a condom, I tried to get away, even in another bathroom.They grabbed me and put under him. All anything, but it was inflated and very silnyy.Razdvinul my feet. I said quietly:
-"Vlad is not necessary, I'm begging you, I'm not ready"
He replied:
-"Do not worry baby, it does not hurt you like it, I promise"
I kissed him passionately, then he said:
-"Vlad, I love you .... but we did not even meet, be patient a little while ... I promise, I give myself to you"
He apparently was sorry for me ... and he really thought about my words ..
-"Well baby, I'll be waiting"...
We started with him what he vstrechatsya.Posle leshil me
devstvennosti.Ob this pozhzhe.
bDvoe. Romantic adventure / b
Author: Keshav
This happened in a cafe. She sat and waited for another one of something. at the next table I was sitting with a friend. friend recently returned from France and talked about their "Adventure" in France. I did not pay attention because only looked at her. she caught my eye and smiled. I sat down beside her and began to talk. My hand instinctively reached for her hip, and I began to stroke her leg. she smiled and said - I go to the toilet. You do not want to join?" I have raced in all - I'll fuck this whore right in the cafe .....
We went with her to the toilet and she immediately took the matter in hand. He pounced on me and tore his shirt and then knelt down and rastegnula zipper pants. He took the swollen cock in her hand and said,
- you have probably 25 centimeters? Wow!!!!!!!!!!
I smirked and said,
- suck bitch!
she apparently liked - whores love rough handling!
I thrust it on the tonsils why she was choking and coughing but still sucked. I finished it in her throat and a drop of sperm, and hit her on the face and chest.
to me it was not enough and my "Fedot" again wanted her otebat. I called a friend of Andre and we steamed pyalili this suchara .. suddenly I went to the toilet and the man stared at it as I fuck her in the ass with abandon and Andre fuck her in the mouth. he kept his head and rastegnul pants - it turned out to be an instrument in comparison with which I had a small cucumber.
We fucked her not knowing the name of another 40 minutes she was sucking all of us and then vyterevshis her thong said I want more. EB but this in the following stories
BB forest / b
Author: Marina
I moved away from the group for a walk, so it was a good one to wander, breathing in the forest air. I heard footsteps, turned to see him, he walked straight up to me. We walked side by side, away from the clearing with friends. My husband and his wife were somewhere far away, as if we were alone in the woods, even heat. Stepping through the branch, he prideraozhal my hand and did not let go of her. He pulled me to him, and silently kissed my lips. He had a narrow solid lip and chin is covered with stubble. I tried to pull away, but he was not allowed. He pressed me to her, I felt like a member of his risen far as my belly.
His tongue began to explore my mouth, penetrating deeper, and his hand slipped on my chest. He took her hand and looked up at me t-shirt. He began to kiss his chest, pulling the T-shirt. Then he unbuttoned my jeans. He stuck his hands and began to knead the ass, pushing her. His hands eagerly went on, I became more exciting. I stepped back, turned her back on him, and took off her jeans and panties. At the same time, I spread her legs wide and low Nakhon, so that he could see between my legs better. I knelt down and pulled down his tights. His cock was huge. He looked like a branch of a tree in the forest. The grass was soft and warm. I lay on her back, raising his legs and spreading them widely. He lay down on me, and immediately brought a member into the vagina. He came at me like a hot column of a live, moving hard and fast. I finished at once as soon as he entered.
He made my feet on his shoulders and fucked me, lying on the grass. I was bleeding from the excited, and in the silence of the forest were heard squishing sounds. Our scents mingled with the scent of autumn leaves, and we were leaving themselves in the pale sky. When we are both finished, I quickly got dressed and went back to her husband.
bIstoriya / b
Author: kiska-xx
I want to tell a story that happened to me in the summer.
Sometimes it so happens that I walk around town without panties. That day I was wearing a short skirt, shorts I wore. It was a warm day and I wandered around the park, when I called a friend and invited to congratulate our odnoklasnitsy her wedding. At that we decided to do. We met up, bought flowers and went to the registry office. Room registration is located on the second floor, this is me ... and fail. When my friend went up the stairs, something happened and the whole crowd was stuck on that stupid stairs.
I was Skra pressed against the railing. Here then began the most unexpected. Below were the boys and of course their views are streamed to us under the skirt. And as the railings are transparent, it is clear that everything is very well prosmatrivalos.Samoe awful was that one of the guys knew my husband. I tried not to look at them, but I still think slid down. In general, then one of them took out his phone and began to take off, ostensibly just delving into the phone. It was very embarrassing. Then I probrolas a little deeper into the crowd and thought that it was over. In fact, it was just beginning.
At the restaurant, I did not want to go, but friends persuaded to go for an hour the other. In the car, we went to one of those guys. He immediately became glued to me. At the table, we also sat together and he was trying to cheer me up with all sorts of silly jokes. I will not for a long time raskazyvat boring part, is better at once to what happened potom.K the time I was a little drunk and cheerful. Unfortunately, not all reports otdovat. And the next time we went out to smoke, were talking about my skirt, which gradually moved to the absence of my panties. Guys showed me pictures. Actually, there is nothing special to be seen. And then they tried to persuade me to photoset.
In the end, I agreed to a little "nude". As I said, I was having fun and drinking has done its job. In the end I posed naked, and they filmed me on the phone. Then even worse .... In general, I almost did not give the report his actions. And in the morning, I realized that the house has done. This is my story took place.