It was a beautiful sunny day. Saturday the first half of July. The heat was incredible. As always, there was an active preparation for the celebration next weekend, but vodka, why - that did not want to, but I wanted a beer and the beach with a cold river water. So, in agony, and the day passed and came a blessed evening, not brought a welcome coolness.

As it was negotiated, exactly at 20.00 there was a conditional knock on the door. Came old friends, Natasha and Sergei, a husband and wife, who were celebrating the festival said we punctually.

- Well, let's start with-celebration? - Sergey asked.

- But this time we drink? - Counter puzzled him my darling.

- Vodka and beer without vodka - money down the drain - Natasha laughed.

And we began ... When it was already quite good at heart and limbs, have decided to have fun on. Start simmer idea what to do ... Finally, I do not remember who suggested long implicitly it poses to the majority of those present.

- And do not whether to continue the experiment, as well commenced once, not whether to do with each other "massage" ?!

The girls invited us to come out - they really wanted a massage, and we damn want to smoke - affected a sufficient number of drinks taken.

- Well, today's try, can something spicy try? - Sergei argued.

- The war plan will show, - I replied. - Hey, what there our girls do, let podglyad?

He nodded and we quietly crept to the door leading into the hall. Lena lay on her stomach, and her fully nude Natasha sat and did massage. Apparently a sports massage or was not done, or she immediately proceeded to the erotic. E hands slowly, without the slightest pressure on the back fluttered my wife, going on hands and buttocks. Gradually, her palms went down lower and lower. Lenka breathed noticeably louder and arched her ass. I do not know, really excited her own massage or corner of her eye she saw our burning eyes, and knowing that behind you who is watching, Make it. Finally Natasha slipped his hand between her legs slightly apart and began to make movements such as the movement of the piston in the engine. Lena moaned easily and quickly rolled over on his back. Natasha was on top of her again and continued to massage, acting is not her hands, and her lips and tongue. She easily held protruding tongue partner's neck and began to climb down. First they looked around one nipple, and without looking up from the skin Lenka moved to the other breast. Sergei and I were spellbound: the spectacle of women's mutual affection are so intrigued and excited that the stand has already been hurt by the rebellious masculine nature. Natasha fell lower and lower, and finally came the most interesting moment: Lenka spread her legs and lifted them, bending at the knees, and Natasha clung to her lips already noticeably wet slits. Lena moaned. I can not stand the surging desire was poked into the room that would connect to the erotic games, but Sergei grabbed me and dragged into the kitchen, putting his cigarette and said:

- Well, you climb that? Entertain and let them have fun, excitation will ...

We quickly finished his, rubles gained another 50 grams and washing your hands and everything else, moved to our virtuous. At this time, the first could not stand Sergei. Without hesitation, he pushed his wife aside, put her "cancer" and forcefully put her sticking out her "favorite." I decided to play and mouth huddled to the same place, which just finished caressing Natasha. It was just amazing: it was so wet and hot that the mere request for something to put in there, if not all of his fingers, then at least three fingers, which I did. Long Lenka did not survive.

- Insert it, I want crazy! - She said.

In my opinion, I do not really look like a man who has to be a long time about this and ask, just putting her "cancer", I quickly began to make reciprocating movement. Soon it was time to change the posture I lay back on the sofa, meaning that the top position of his wife. But she did not hurry up and without changing his posture began to thank my "boy" for a pleasure mouth. It was so cool that I groaned. Sergei, seeing my wife vacated the hole, quickly jumped on him with his wife and pasting to your giant quickly began to twitch, keeping Lenka waist. Freed Natasha, not expressing any signs of discontent and jealousy, he played along, began to stroke her friend on the back and chest. But I - like the "fucking" !!! I climbed out of the Lena and Natasha putting back into her vigorously. I honestly do not know if she enjoyed it except for moral as well as the size of my "militant" somewhat inferior size Seregin. But, in the - anyway, she moaned and cheered me with his hands.

At these moments, I think not only the head, but his head. Troubled situation thought suddenly flashed and went out in my mind. "Even I do not understand that it is better, or friend to fuck my wife that damn interesting and unusual, or watch as he fucks your ..? Hell, and suddenly his cock like her more ... I must quickly switch to a ..." From the desire to have his wife, heated by a dick stranger, riser increased even though it would seem that this is no longer possible. I slipped and got earrings on her in the same position in which he had just been. at some point it seemed to me that she did not even notice the change a partner and continued to moan exactly the same. At such moments, the passion and the love of their own half infinitely aggravated, because felt the greatest kinship, thoughts and acts done by mutual permission, stimulating both partners and totally unacceptable in a different situation when the same actions can occur without one of them.

As a result of these proactive Lenka broke down and saying sacramental "I am in the toilet" retired. I stayed on the couch with Sergey and Natasha, in the heat of passion, in my opinion, did not even notice the care of one of the partners. I was very pleased to observe the actions selflessly loving couple and I decided a few to help them in this situation. Natalie lay on her back, legs spread wide and Sergei entered into her strong, deep thrusts. I leaned over her and gently squeezed one of her teeth excited nipples, while massaging the other fingers. Nate groaned. It was noticeable that this game threesome gives her pleasure. She rolled over on his stomach and "cancer" insert asked her husband to login to her from behind. At this point, I was lying in front of her and she took my dick hand start fast movements to masturbate him. It has become apparent that it has brought her even more.

- Serge, can I take it in your mouth? - She whispered to her husband. This beast just shook his head and continued his work. At one point, she found herself in this position, her head obscured my "favorite" and from Sergey and me, and at that point I felt (and maybe it only seemed to me?) As he become more pleasant and enjoyable. I wanted to do something nice for the wife of my friend and I did not come up with anything better than ever at a time to save her from her husband hefty horseradish replacing it with his own. Sergei did not have anything against him of our change. Five minutes later, he could not resist:

- Mark, I want to again. Nata, climbs on top of me.

He stretched out on the couch and Natalie lay on top of him. He introduced his penis into her wet crack, earned them, and suddenly opened wide her buttocks so that was clearly seen her anus, offered:

- Andrei, let's drag petrolatum and quickly interpose here. Let's have it together.

I brought the jelly, but, unfortunately, I did not have to use it: Natasha categorically refused, citing fatigue. We had a half-hour before a ostogramlivaniem, then our game resumed.

- Andrew, and you have no strap softer? - A rather unexpected question asked Sergei.

Why - it occurred to me that he decided to play with his wife related to "helpless" option, but it turned out that the answer is not so prosaic. Putting wife "cancer" to the end of plunging into it a dart, he took a folded belt in both hands and slapped her round ass. Natasha arched and growled in pain and pleasure. In the pope appeared distinctly red stripe. He lashed out again and again. It was clear that the event gives them both a lot of fun, which is intensified by the fact that their previously hidden game watching strangers. But it was interesting to us. At this point, we are happy to indulge in his favorite sex position, the two parties turned to a loving couple near and watching their sadomasochistic games.

It took about 30 minutes. The girls have the procedure so tired and asked for mercy. Although each of them it looks differently. Natasha sent to all dick and asked not to interfere with sleep and my Lena went with us to the kitchen for a smoke. Naked, excited, standing, smoke ... I broke down and started crying wife that I can not, I would die in the prime of life of the wild "riser" that is absolutely unconscionable on its part to deprive me of sleep and rest for the night. What it is reasonable to note that not iron that is also a man that was very tired and wanted to sleep. I, as I thought, offer a simple alternative: to help at hand, gratitude will not have borders ... My sun graciously agreed. Sergey at that time was so compassionate look that could not stand, I asked Lenka simultaneously doing it for both of us. after going to the gym, we with Sergey settled on both sides of my wife lying. She took our smoldering desires of the members in his hands and quickly began to masturbate them. It was so nice, so anxious in any way ... We thank her from both sides began to fondle her breasts, nipples, kissing in the neck and stroking his stomach and legs. It was just gorgeous, until I noticed that my darling turns to face me, and Sergei puts it, lying on its side. That's when I was a hell of a surprised man, even 10 minutes before dying of calluses in the vagina, scared wanting to sleep and refuse to own husband in front of him is given to another.
Matt Tvessl

My first time? Oh God, give me remember. I was twelve, only twelve. It was in the early summer. The lessons on the piano.

I learned to play at age six. At first Mrs. Bessemer thick, but then, because everyone said that I was so good at it, Mr. Trombley.

By Mr. Trombley had to go by car. He and his wife lived in a big house on the other side of town, so my mother had to take back to me. Every Thursday at four o'clock in the afternoon. One hour. Mom told me that she was not too difficult, because she spent the hour in a cheap shop nearby. It was called, it seems, "Hi-Lo". On Thursdays there have doubled discounts or something.

Mr. Trombley was handsome, was said to the other children in my class after he gave a concert in our school. He must have been about thirty years: tall, with thick dark hair and a soft voice and large hands. He's, like, a little was famous for something: a second or third place on some not very important music festival - but then he was engaged only in training and, in general, he took the older boys. His wife was much younger, maybe just graduated, and this summer she was away - performed in Europe. Reni? Renee Trombley. Maybe you heard about it? No? Well, what a difference.

I learned from Mr. Trombley from the beginning of spring. And it was summer. School just ended. I liked the lessons. I liked to play the piano. I liked to play the piano for him. "Fantastic," - he said sometimes, when I was doing something particularly well. "You're my prize pupil." I shone inside.

When I did not do anything particularly well, he was kind. "Hit her firmly but gently - sometimes he was saying -. As if you caress a kitten That's much better than Milo Very cute Again Again Well..!....." Yes, I beamed.

Or, if I did not manage to cope with something, sometimes he got up from his chair at the bench and sat down next to me, took my hand in his and tried to move it so that it has to move. I just melted. "Hold the brush like this" - he said, holding my wrist. "Now relax." I tried to relax. Melt and relax - not the same thing.

"This - he said -. Hold my wrist now feel feel how it is done.?" I kept my fingers around his wrist as he played. I felt the power. Care. Music. "Got it?" - He said, and I nodded and tried to do better. At home I was holding his own brush. She was not, it is not the same.

Good coffee, right? Quiet coffee. Calm. Do not slop, as many types of coffee right now. Perhaps it is drinking coffee Santa Claus, after returning home, bringing all your toys. Relaxing. Oh, so nice to be here with you. I really relaxed. I'd removed her shoes, but that's me they're gone. Somewhere we lost. I'm sure I'll never find them.

One day, after class, I asked my mother if I can be a kitten. "No," - she said. "Please - I said -. I will be very good care of it, and it will help ..." I was going to say that it will help me to learn to caress, but it seemed to me that it is better not to talk. "He will help me, Mom. Please?" "No - she replied confidently -. And so it is quite difficult to maintain the house clean."

Still, I hoped that I would get a kitten for my birthday, dvenadtsatiletie. I really hoped. But it is not received. And I had the usual array of practical things. Sweaters and skirts, soap, and jeans, and underwear. I even received a training bra! In those days, my breast was very small. I was sure that will always be flat, although only two months I began menstruating earlier. Not that I absolutely wanted to have real breasts. Some girls at school they were already, and the boys just laughed. And I did not know much about sex. Almost nothing.

The only student from my school, who studied with Mr. Trombley, too, had not been endowed with breasts, but I think this is understandable - after all she was a year younger than me, and studied in the junior class. Her name was Beverly. It was just after the hour of my, from five to six. Several times I saw her in front of the music room of Mr. Trombley, but my mother was always waiting for me in the car, so we Beverly never talked, never exchanged nothing but a pair of "Hello" when it came to my lesson, and I went out to go home.

Beverly lived far away from us, so I knew almost nothing about her, except that everyone thought it very clever and very shy. In something of me in those days. And it was really nice. Without the breast, as I said, but with big blue eyes and long blond hair, soft and straight and beautiful, flowing down her back. Sometimes I wanted to be just such a hair, and not the confused curls that seem to just do that in the way, and irritate, and rastrepyvayutsya everywhere, no matter what I was doing with them.

Do you want another cup? I think I'll drink even half. Lovely cup. Purple love birds, such plump, chubby, kissing, and these hearts everywhere, some of them upside down. Do not look inverted heart succinctly ... well, they can be ass woman, or her breasts, or male scrotum?

One day, on Thursday, carrying me to Mr. Trombley, my mother told me that she was a bit late - she had other things to do. "Well, I'll just wait outside," - I said.

"Only if there is no rain, - my mother said -. You get wet just tell Mr. Trombley, what do you want to wait inside I will not be late for more than twenty ... thirty minutes..."

"He does not like when we were waiting inside," - I said.

"Nonsense, - my mother said -. He just does not want there to be parents tell him that you have to wait I'm sure everything will be fine..."

I said that I was shy? I was very shy. The idea that I would have to ask permission of Mr. Trombley wait in the hall after class, threw me into a panic catatonic. I could not do it. I tried. But she could not. What if he says no? What do I do then? God, I was acting stupid, right? After all, how difficult it is to give something like: "My mom is delayed, so I can wait in the hall after class?"

Rather than concentrate on the lesson, I spent the whole time worrying ... worrying and praying that the weather improved, the rain stopped and I could wait outside until it's mother. Strange, but I played worse than usual. Perhaps even better. So it seemed to Mr. Trombley. "You look really different - he said -. You finally succeeded this quick passage." Having said that, it is easy to touch his hand on my shoulder, and I barely noticed it. "My prize pupil", - he said, gently squeezing my shoulder. There was lightning, and I shivered. "A small storm", - said Mr. Trombley, patting my shoulder. "Let's hear this fast passage again. Make him rush. Make him dance. Make him sing. Yes. Yes! Yes."

His enthusiasm was supposed to make me feel fine. Triumphantly. Agog. Upland. But all I felt was sadness. I was going to let him down. I opened my mouth one last time to ask him, but nothing came of it. I felt fragile, like a little bird, which is now going to eat a cat.

Mr. Trombley said. "You're trembling, my child, - he said, his hand still resting on my shoulder -. What's the matter?" I could not turn to him. He would have noticed my tears. But he already saw them. His fingers touched my cheek, my tears. "Yes, - he said, not understanding anything -. You played so well today my prize pupil You're so good So good I'm proud of you work on Prokofiev for the next time, okay Well, good luck bye.....?.". He ruffled the hair on my head, and I got up from the bench, gathered her books and ran out into the hall, where Beverly, with a wan smile and a soft "Hello", passed me on his occupation.

If only it was sunny outside.

If only it was just a little dark.

If only my mother somehow made all the early and would be on the sidelines, with windshield wipers working. But the rain was so wild and fierce that I could barely see the margins. There were no cars, and for me there was no way to wait outside, not soaked to the skin in a second. I could not pay attention to it, but I did not want to risk notes. My little bag for long and intensive use would not stand in the storm. Not for a moment. Peering through the small square windows, doors, I thought if I could shove a bag under her skirt. Save it with a dry, holding between his legs, until my mother arrives. Something like that. While a small window misted, and I could not see anything, and Beverly began to play.

This noise made me jump. I've never heard her play. It was good. I said good? I said the noise? It was insanely good. Insanely noisy. I could tell that she was better than me, much, much better. She went on something sharp and discordant, and annoyingly gorgeous. As she had to do it, to publish these wonderful sounds twisted? It was not like anything I've ever heard.

I sat on a small bench in the lobby. Now I could not go - I would have prevented it. But apart from that, the music kept me. It evokes a feeling of, oh, I do not know ... if I was standing in the middle of a congested street, with cars and trucks, and buses, speeding on all sides, dangerously close. I could not take a step without dying. I could hardly breathe.

So I sat there as quietly as possible, listening, looking at the little yellow raincoat Beverly and the rather large puddle underneath. And when the music stopped, I thought, how do I know when my mother will come, and how can I slip, did not stop them ... prevent Mr. Trombley learn.

Long story, eh? Are you sure you do not want some more coffee?

Then I noticed something. On the wall in front of me, on a small round table was a mirror, because Beverly has not closed the door to the music room to the end, I could see sitting at the Beverly piano, basically only her side, her slender back, her hair long and blond flowing down her back as she played.
Quick start.

The whole house went on the ears, waiting for the upcoming wedding Tashi. The celebration was to take place tomorrow, but as usual with the preparations did not have time, and therefore the atmosphere in the family was happy, though, but that's ready to explode. Total celebratory mood did not concern only the Donald, and he had his reasons for it. First, Michael, his sister's husband, is not very liked it, and secondly, that it is much more important than the result and entertainment. But he loved his sister, (even more than she could imagine), so helping to prepare for the wedding to all on equal terms.

This summer, he just graduated from high school, and was completely free to the college. He was going to follow in the footsteps of his father, Stephen Alexander, a fairly well-known in the state of their surgeon. Michael is now a senior attending physician in the emergency waiting room, and in the near future, too, was supposed to become a doctor. Therefore, we can say that soon it will be one large family doctors, if not for the mother and sister of Donald. Their education was humanitarian, and they are both interested in painting.

Tonight, Donald was the last time will be able to do what he did almost every day. He locked himself in his room and gently pushed one of the posters on the wall above the bed. The wooden wall separating his room from the bathroom's older sister, was done by a small hole through which he could spy on her. He was always very careful and lucky, so this hole in the wall is not noticed for almost three years. At first it was just a hole in which he was looking, but five months ago, Donald expanded and adapted it for miniobektiv digital camera. Since then, he is not only an eye on it, but also made a lot of shots Tashi, in underwear or completely naked. Several times he was able to capture her masturbation on a bed, and even on the floor. The pictures he used during masturbation sessions, actively fantasizing about her sister.

Today, as usual, his sister undressing, getting ready for bed. Donald took out his pajama pants his cock and slowly began podrachivat it. He looked like Tasha removes his shorts and T-shirt. She walked all day long, and each time, when Donald met her, he could not take his eyes off her bra showed through the thin cotton.

His sister stayed in a white bra and panties finest that encircled her ass like a second skin. It is not suggesting that behind it are now watching, she sat in front of the mirror and for some time was engaged in her hair. While waiting for the moment when his sister completely undress, Donald only lightly stroking his cock, not letting it fall. Finally, his patience was rewarded, Tasha has got her hands behind her back and undid her bra clasp, releasing her beautiful breasts. Panties lasted a little longer, while his sister tidied up in front of the mirror and went to the toilet.

Donald hurriedly took a few pictures, suggesting that this may be the last time he would see his older sister naked. She quickly pulled her panties and threw them in the laundry basket. Donald sometimes went to her room, when Tashi was not at home. He played with her underwear, holding it to his face in a circle or winding member during masturbation. Sometimes, the smell of her dirty panties just drove him crazy.

When my sister had settled into bed and turned off the light, Donald sat down in front of the monitor. His computer was kept for almost two thousand pictures of his sister, the very different content. He opened the series in which Tasha, completely naked, lying on the bed reading after a shower. The images were of such high quality that you can even see the water droplets on her skin. The boy quickly moved his hand over the penis, fantasizing about how he will fuck her. He came into the prepared cloth, God, what will he do when his sister move to her husband. However, his mother was not going anywhere and move her panties and bras, there will always be at hand. It seems that he will now have to imagine only his mother.

Wedding day.

On Friday, early in the morning their house was a psychiatric hospital on a holiday. Most Donald relatives, including the parents, had already left the church, but he stayed at home hoping that he will be able to shoot like Tasha dresses for the wedding.

With some difficulty getting rid of attention to one of his aunts bothersome, he finally was able to retire in his room. And just in time, Tasha, sitting on the bed, clings white stockings to fishnet belt. Around her, spinning her two cousins, Joanne and Emily, all three of them were only in panties and bra. Donald enjoyed watching how the girls are preparing for the celebration, causing makeup, making hairstyle and dressing gowns. Along the way, he took pictures that are sure to be able to become the best in his collection.

Twenty minutes later, Emily and Joanna fled, leaving Tasha, wearing a wedding dress, one in the room. Donald, too, already dressed in a suit, deciding whether to issue, to pull his pants and masturbate now, or doterpet until evening. At that moment someone knocked at the door of his sister. She unlocked the lock and let someone into the room. When they were under the lens of his camera, Donald was able to learn in the received Fred's old boyfriend Tashi. He moved out of the city a few years ago!

For a while they talked, but Donald could not make out what was going on. Suddenly, Fred Tash clasped her waist and held her close to him, trying to kiss on the lips. His sister tried to pull away, but the forces were not equal, and soon she went limp in the hands of a young man. A few minutes later, she was very passionately kissed him. Her hand reached down between their bodies and unzipped his trousers Fred. Tasha moaned loudly as Fred's hand grabbed her crotch, right through the wedding dress. For ten minutes they were kissing, caressing each other, and then Tasha squatted down and took a member of Fred in his mouth.

Donald could not believe his eyes, his sister, in her wedding dress, sucking her former boyfriend on her wedding day to the other! And most importantly, he shot it all on camera! Fred suddenly rolled his eyes, and grasping Tasha's hair began even stronger stick her head on his penis. Near the Donald, he was already a member, so that the eggs are sick, but he continued to shoot.

His sister, his eyes closed, with visible pleasure sucked dick buddy. Soon, Fred began to finish. Part of his semen poured down her throat, but then he pulled out a member of her mouth, and recent spikes covered the girl's face. Doing big sperm shots, falling face Tashi, Donald suddenly felt that is about to finish himself. Dropping the camera, he pulled out his penis and with just a few movements, began to descend to the floor. When he finished, he was not able to calm down. Incredibly, his sister, the latest slut sucked Fred directly on their wedding day.

The holiday was a success. Later in the afternoon, the couple went to the house of her husband. Donald could not wait to return to my room. Deep into the night, the last guests finally left their home, and he immediately rushed to the computer. He took photos made during the day, and enthusiastically set about masturbation. When he had finished two more times, completely exhausted, he collapsed into bed and immediately fell asleep.

Unexpected luck

A couple of days later, Donald still masturbating on wedding photos, as soon as the possibility was granted. On Monday evening, as usual, he sat on his bed and turned to her monitor, launched the pictures in slideshow mode. His shorts were pulled down to the ankles, and the hand he slowly drove by its members. For his age, a member of his was quite large, almost twenty three centimeters long and about four in diameter. Now he stood in the full length, and at the end of crimson head began to stand out grease. A sudden cry of his mother, the boy pulled out of the dreams of his sister.

- Donald! Are you at home? I need you to help me.

Donald jumped out of bed, pulling on his shorts on the run, and rushed to the table to drill monitor from the door. This done, he barely had time to fasten his pants, his mother knocked on the door. Trying to cover up a huge hill on the shorts, the boy stood behind the chair but his composing rest could not hide it completely. The door opened and the mother entered the room.

- Donald, I want to make repairs in his bedroom, as well as the Tasha moved, I get over the repair time in her room, and your father will stay overnight in the hospital. AND:

That she was not going to say next, that Donald never learned. The eyes of his mother, accidentally stumbled on his swollen shorts, and she immediately stopped. The boy realized with horror that she saw his hard dick and have figured out what he was doing here. The woman tried to collect his thoughts, and not pay attention to his son standing penis. Soon, she did, and she was able to once again spoke.

- Well, I need your help to move my stuff into the room Tashi. It is not necessary now and return later.

She came out of his room, leaving the last one quick glance at his groin. Incredibly, she could not believe her eyes. Is it possible that her son is such a huge cock! She blushed and quickened his pace went to her room.

Left alone, Donald was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Wow, my mother almost caught him with his pants down. His cock went limp slightly, but still remained standing. The boy pulled the shorts and returned to the interrupted lesson. He imagined his mother comes into his room and found him drochaschim member. In his mind, his mother came up to him and knelt down, took his penis in his mouth. Unable to stand, Donald began to finish, covering his sperm carpet on the floor.

Later in the evening, Donald dressed in old and worn pants and shirt, and went to help his mother to carry things. While working, he tried to avoid looking at her, feeling guilty, caught in the bad old practice. Carolina just experienced the same strange feeling of anxiety, next to his son. From time to time, she stole a glance at his groin, thinking about what I saw there in the afternoon.
- Mom, come to us today, Sergey, I invited him. Let's see how we live, to get acquainted with you. - He ran out of his room Lily doing on the run from the tail hair.

- Well, I think it's time to meet your boyfriend. - Elena picked up a bag loaded with food and went into the kitchen. Her daughter met with this guy for about a month. Met, as it is now often the case, in a disco. The daughter told me a little about it, no conclusions had yet to make it is impossible, but something in this Sergei alarmed Helen. Her daughter is only 16 and the guy 18, but it felt kind of adult interest Lily.

In 17 hours trenknul doorbell, and Lily rushed headlong to open.

- Here, Mom, this is Sergey! - Daughter enthusiastically introduced the high-strong young man. He was not exactly handsome, but a man attractive. Especially his muscular shoulders and languishing eyes.

- Hello. - Politely Sergei bowed his head and under his gaze intently Elena felt awkward.

- Guys, come into the room, talk, and I am now ... I have the cake is about to bake.

Looking at her daughter, and this healthy guy, Elena thought that they are not a couple, there is nothing good in the relationship to her daughter, still a giddy little girls and adult men, how she seemed to Sergei, will not. With inexplicable anxiety she was sitting in the kitchen, listening to the sounds coming from the room. His voice is barely heard, mostly Lily chirped. The music began, and the vote was not heard at all.

Elena was 35. She soon married, divorced right after the birth of her daughter. As a general rule, early marriages are short-lived. Her young husband nenagulyavshiysya was not ready for family life, and even the appearance of a child in the house. Lena did not tolerate his spree, and they soon parted. Of course, the men in her life were but fleeting, and the love and passion she had never experienced. Now, he is growing up the daughter, and all the power went to her upbringing.

- Please to the table. - Carrying cherry pie, fun, said Elena.

Putting it on the table, she again felt a sense of embarrassment and frustration of this young man for a long moment. "What am I, - Elena thought, - I'm older than him by 17 years, it is my sons do, he's still a child, too." But the excitement did not pass. Sergei spoke little, but Lily popped incessantly about some little things. The boy did not seem to listen to her, all absorbed in his thoughts, and from time to time to throw Elena searing gaze. For a long time so she could not bear, and went into the kitchen. She remembered her childhood as she grew up, nothing remarkable, but capable of knowledge. The boys did not pay attention to her, she has always been a recluse at home, so first noticed her classmate she seemed the embodiment of all the ideals for which, in the maelstrom of his head, and she came out. For it, no one cared for her no one had ever looked so attentive and for a long moment, she did not feel desirable woman, because wishing somehow it did not have.

Soon she heard a noise in the hall and went out.

- Already leaving? - Elena asked, looking at the dress up Sergei.

- Yes, thank you for everything, for a delicious cake. - His smile was pleasant, and here is a smiling, he looked quite a boy.

So sometimes Sergey began to go and see to visit them. Always occurs on the same scenario ... Elena talked to him a little, and under the pretext disappeared, leaving the "children" of one.

One day, returning late from work, going to the dark apartment, Elena, thinking that her daughter is not at home, quietly sat on a chair in the corridor and closed her eyes wearily ... it turned out to be a difficult day. Suddenly she heard the muffled sounds from the hall, whispering commotion. She entered the room and turned on the light. Two faces - frightened - her daughter and excited - Sergei - turned to her. Lily was scantily clad, and his face burned by Sergei just sunk. Confused, Elena quickly left, leaving a burning light. She did not want to interfere with her daughter to experience the feeling of love, but avoid physical intimacy with a man she could not afford. At least not in front of and not in her apartment. Of course, sooner or later it would happen - Lily is not small - but from not knowing how to go on to behave with her daughter after that, unconsciously, Elena would prevent the transition to a "mature" love for his daughter.

Steps in the corridor, a door slammed. Sergei left. Lily closed in his room, no less embarrassed mother.

The next day, Saturday, Lilly was off somewhere in the morning without talking to her mother. Elena did not want any conversation, and remained at home. The phone rang. She picked up the phone.

- Hello. - Velvet voice sounded Sergei.

- Hello. Lily is at home. - Helena's cheeks involuntarily broke out, and his hands trembled finely ... inexplicable that person acts on it!

- Elena, I really need to talk to you. You could not come to me now? - The voice pleaded.

- And on the phone can not? - Puzzled Helen frowned ... what more for tricks?

- No, I have for you is very important conversation. Please, I'll be very glad. Write down the address, it is not far.

Elena dropped the phone and froze in thought by the telephone. What is he, an unfamiliar man can so important to tell her? Something about Lily? He wants to marry her, because Lily was pregnant? Why did not he come? Different thoughts swirled in my head. She put on her coat and went to the specified address.

Sergey House was not far from it. He opened the door and beamed when he saw Elena. She went to his apartment, all shy as a young girl. The apartment was cozy, blackout curtains and quiet.

- Do you live with your parents? - Asked Helen.

- Yes, they are in the country. - Sergey helped her remove the cloak. - Come on.

All he was somehow tense and sat down opposite. There was a pause.

- What did you want to tell me? Something about Lily?

- ... Elena Nikolaevna, what we ended up with Lily in a situation where you see us - it is because of my incontinence. Do not worry, we have it was nothing, I controlled myself. I'm just not developed over the years, and in me just raging sexual power. I need a passionate woman, not a naive girl. I'm a grown man.

Sergei suddenly sat down beside her, taking her hand. Elena, absolutely not expecting this turn of events did not know what to say.

- But I'm much older than you. - She mumbled, and grabbed her a passionate kiss, whirled.

She went limp, weakened and collapsed on the sofa. This sudden pressure, passion, fervor she was afraid and waited all my life. And now it does not matter what a great feeling took possession of it with the youngster, in godivshimsya grooms her daughter, not her. Nothing else mattered, all absorbed in the fire, to break out of their hearts. Passionately, even a little hurt, they kissed each other, biting, tearing off clothes, knocking the pillows on the floor. Sergei was able to present her man finally make her feel like a woman.

When he entered her, even for her, the woman giving birth, his penis was so large that it vkriknula. Jerky, penetrating deeper and deeper, Sergei biting her lips, squeezed his chest, excitedly breathing. Time for them to stop. Nothing disturbed their suksualnogo telospleteniya. She vaguely heard screaming, wheezing, twisting in orgasmic languor. As in a dream, she felt that it is widely spreads her legs to her tongue and fingers bringing it to a series of orgasms that she had not experienced in a lifetime. The semen and sweat mingled on their bodies. The air was heavy with the love of their vapors. Indescribable passions took them ... it is still unopened passion, and it has amassed a huge potential, not to find a way out of the body. She was laughing and crying, he moaned with pleasure and held her in his arms. There were they now neither age nor biography. It was a real arena of sex, passionate, diverse, all-consuming.

When Elena came to, after the anesthesia, where like in the euphoria she experienced a crazy dream of his life, Sergei, exhausted, lying side by side, with her head resting on her chest. Her heart took a regular rhythm, and Elena glanced at his watch. Half of the Twelfth Night! And she left at 11 am and, of course, not assuming no delays, no notes left his daughter, who must have lost it. Remembering her daughter, Elena differently looked at Sergei, hoping to feel remorse. But no, they were not. On the contrary, it has become such a hot body mother and young face so sweet that Helen calmed down and surrendered to chance in his life.

- It turns out a lot of time. - The voice hoarse from Helena screams in orgasm, which still rang in his ears.

Sergei threw his wet hair from his forehead, and his eyes were directly in front of her eyes. Eyes to eyes. Such welcome and loved!

- Stay, call home, think of something. Do not go. I want you.

He squeezed her shoulder Lena. With him she felt very young, the weak, submissive to his desires. His misty eyes begged to stay.

- Well, I'm not leaving.

Lena waved at all the conventions of the circumstances. She called home naplela something daughter of friends, with whom she was at a party, and that will not be back until tomorrow. Maybe her daughter and did not believe her, but it is no longer worried about Helen. Her will was already in the hands of Sergei.

A Sound of Thunder. Outside, the storm broke. Spring rain flooded, like a glowing atmosphere of feelings of two lovers loaded up the sky. Rain went with such force with vetorom frantically banging on the glass, they are mesmerized the audience, saw that a few hours creating their own frenzied madness. Lena went to the couch, Sergei pressed his face against her bare stomach, and they sank back into the crazy fantasy. He was part of it again and again, and she had no strength to orgasm, it only weakly moaning, rolling his eyes. Finally, satisfied and reassured, they froze, listening to the rain outside the window. He was their passion in music, their accompaniment. This rain, Elena knew, would never forget.

- I'll get something to eat. - Sergei kissed her and stood up. - We did the whole day hungry.

- But we do not even notice.
The fact that he is interested in adult women, Igor realized a long time ago. He lived with his father and mother. His father was confined to bed some serious illness, about which he did not tell my mother. Sometimes he spied on the way to my mother's father changed clothes and saw a huge and beautiful member, who somehow always hanging head down. He saw the mother gently stroked her father between his legs and then came out in tears. Igor discouragement looked at my awkward teenage member of a large head for his age. His mother, Elena, was low, pleasant fullness, beautiful woman with big breasts. When he was 10 years old, Elena, brought to work the German catalog Neckermann. It addition to any household junk, was a lingerie section, and in this section, it is most excited page with underwear for obese women. It showed a woman age 40-50 and one of the women was udivivitelno like his mother. The same heavy, plump ass is as big, round breasts sticking out in different directions nipples and brown halo size of an orange, the same charming smile. He could spend hours stroking, leafing through a catalog and presenting on-site models of his mother. Igor did not miss any opportunity to spy on her mother when she was washing in the bathroom. Their apartment was a window between the bathroom and Igor and the kitchen, getting to the table, could enjoy a magnificent view of the huge breasts Elena Alekseeva. One he could not understand why, when my mother got up in the shower, her nipples were mound, and when she began to wash between your legs, they became like two small penis. Such a transformation operated on Igor smoothly, he rapidly came, flooding the entire table drops of semen. But more than that, his imagination stirred the triangle in the lower abdomen, covered with thick black hair, which he had seen only briefly, when my mother was wiping his feet. He wanted to closely examine the bud of passion, which is hidden in the lush vegetation of its mother. He never missed a nightly ritual of his mother's undressing after work, trying at this moment to talk about his successes at school. And I would always waited for the moment when my mother sat down on the bed and took off stockings, Igor carefully examined each finger, always finding their feet in the magnificent mother. And Elena allowed him to be present at this striptease, fondly flatter, it is still small.

But, despite all this, Elena was a woman of a serious and rigorous, and it convinced Igor that his dreams will remain dreams, if not strange coincidence ............

When after a long illness, his father died, Igor was 14, and Elena Sergeevna 44. Almost a year they go depressed and hardly spoke. During this time the mother has changed, straightened her shoulders, freshened face, it is even a little bit thin, short - my mother rejuvenated. Igor was excited more and more of my mother's daily strip. On Friday evening, Elena came home from work a little later than usual. Igor turned to the noise of a door opening and almost fell off the chair. Before him was a beautiful young woman in a smart dress, with great hair and makeup.

- I received the award, and decided to arrange a holiday - as if apologizing, Elena said.

- Well, well, it's time - looking longingly at the beautiful full legs mother tightened.

The thin, flesh-colored nylon, Igor said.

- I bought more wine - sit?

- Yeah, - Igor prosapel blankly, trying to calm the storm in his pants.

Elena went to her room to change clothes and Igor as usual for her. It is something to her muttering about school, and she was humming a tune under his breath. Igor again for himself noted how his mother was prettier. And I became like a rock and brazenly stuck out his training of its members from these thoughts. Elena took off bra, and her chest was covered with small ants, causing nipples straightened and cheekily sticking out in different directions. She turned over and saw a thick bathrobe member Igor, covered with sweat, but the form is not submitted. She has a sweet ache in the lower abdomen, that feeling she had, for five years, from the moment that Vadim was paralyzed after a stroke. But before she became rampant female, in his strong and capable hands ..... In the five years she occasionally masturbate standing in the shower, but could not bring themselves to orgasm and threw it up. Last year she did not fondle themselves .......

Elena quickly drove away all thoughts, put on a bathrobe and went to set the table.

At the table, they are almost silently drank wine and ate little, making a half hour procedure drunk. Elena stared at Igor, he was remarkably like his father in his youth ......

For this year, Igor matured beyond his years, he began to shave his figure, more like a male figure. Strong small ass, broad shoulders, strong arms, a member of his was no longer a small pod, and became a powerful body fat with a large and strong head. One day, she quietly went into the bathroom and saw that Igor leisurely masturbate while standing under the shower. His cock was huge than frightened mother.

From all these thoughts Elena Alekseeva hardened nipples, and she felt a long-forgotten sensation - it flowed.

- That's a fool - because she thought the child at all.

- Igor go to sleep - Elena said, and went to the bathroom to wash.

She closed the door, turned on the water, took off her robe and looked in the mirror.

On it looked cute little fat woman, she put one foot on the edge of the tub, she spreads her full, bloodshot lips and stuck two fingers into the vagina itself. With the other hand she alternately caressing the clitoris, the anus. On foot abundantly drip juice spewing her pussy.

- Guys want, though on a wall climb, - she thought.

- I can not finish without a man.

She washed up and wandered to bed. During this whole picture through the window watching Igor. He jerked wildly and violently ended in contrast to the mother. He knew his mother wanted man, why this man can not he?

With these thoughts he fell asleep satisfied.

Elena Sergeyevna it was not sleep, she tried hard to banish all thoughts of sex, but the sight of the son of a member would not let her rest, making between the legs of her back was wet. She got up to go again washed away, but her feet felt the water on the floor - they flooded neighbors .....

- Igor, get up, we pour, help me to collect the water from the floor, - Igor heard in a dream, he barely opened his eyes, but what he saw made him wake up instantly.

In the middle of the room stood his cancer mom and cloth on the floor to collect water in a bucket. Her short nightie had gathered at the back and gaze Igor opened his mother's pussy with open brown lips, from which oozed moisture. Well, that happened, he saw the entrance to the vagina of his mother. A member of his became harder than stone, it is understood that the second such case can be presented and decided. Igor got out of bed, went back to her mother and pulled the panties to her knees. Elena saw that right in front of her pussy, swinging a huge member of Igor.

- Igor did not dare! - Cried Elena, but Igor has stabbed her his dick, for the most eggs. He went very easily and Igor immediately began to move inside. His cock was moving like a piston and pushes out the juice from the mother's womb, so that his eggs were covered with hot and thick mucus. Igor took the hand is not a lot of mucus and sniffed, but it was the already painfully familiar and sweet smell, my mother's panties, which she left in the bathroom before washing.

- No! - Have quietly said Elena, his hands waving half round ass.

Mind left it at that moment, and she succumbed to the power of instinct. Elena pushes backwards to meet Igor, strong hands, he took her by the waist and began to move it twice as fast. His hefty egg slapped on flooded with mucus clitoris, why he was becoming harder and harder. Igor bent down and picked up a nice mother's breast. As the discharge current, pierced her brain, a powerful orgasm and she cried out in a loud voice, frightened than Igor, and he stopped.

- Do not stop son, fuck your mother, fuck !!!!!

- Synulya, I'm coming, thank you cute, aah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!

Igor snorted like a wild bull, powerful, hot jet struck the mother's womb, and come the most powerful orgasm of his life. He became a man .......

The doorbell rang, it was the neighbors from below, as they fucked, water was ankle-deep. Elena threw on a robe and went to open, and Igor, wearing shorts, began to collect water from the floor in the bucket. When they coped with water, it was four in the morning. Not sleepy, and they went into the kitchen. Not deft silence reigned at the table. They drank the remaining wine and guiltily silent. The first to break the silence ... Igor

- Mom, I love you! - Looking askance at his mother, said Igor.

- Sonny, but this is wrong, this can not be.

- Why are mothers, you were bad with me?

- The fact of the matter that is too good, I was the first time in five years, felt like a woman.

- And why is that not correct?

- Why, you son to me, and not her husband, that the people will say.

- But we will not talk to them, let it be our secret, but I will, and your son, and her husband.

Such a prospect like Elena Sergeyevna, it promised a lot of pluses in her life. At first she did not need to look for the guy on the side. Secondly, Igor was an exact copy of Vadim, she will not have to get used to it, and she was deprived of his virginity, which means that the boy will be strangers to fuck girls, which she absolutely did not want. From these thoughts it flowed again. Looking at Igor, she saw a huge dick between his legs and panties were on the floor.

- Well, just like his father, only the head is greater - and with these words she put her dick in his mouth.

- Mom, you did not answer, - said Igor, taking his mother from a member.

- Whether you think, my dear, - said Elena and Igor kissed on the lips.

Igor put his mother to his feet and began to unbutton the buttons on a robe, and his eyes appeared big beautiful breasts Elena Alekseeva.
Kohl was a schoolboy and studied in an ordinary Soviet school. Dad his hereditary proletarian, was widowed early and raised her son alone - primarily belt and cuffs. In the sixth grade, to somehow make ends meet Kohl began to look for jobs, unloading wagons. Fortunately the boy was wiry and strong.

After receiving the pay, the father brought home another passion. All evening they drank, and then expelled from the room Kohl. Breathless at the keyhole, he eagerly watched, as a father, panting hard, ripped off the clothes with a dead drunk girlfriend and filled up on a hard sofa. When the voltage reaches the limit, Kohl ran to the bathroom and indulged in unrestrained rukobludstvu.

One day, when the parent was changing, the doorbell rang. On the threshold was an activist of the school parents' committee. This forty-year woman famous for the fact that the successful zhenila on themselves known, and very elderly politzhurnalista. In his patronage Nina Yakovlevna soon made a good career - joined the party and settled down to work in the district committee.

As it turned out, the guests had to check the conditions in which students live. As she walked through the apartment, fanning herself with disgust gloves, Kohl looked askance her body, especially the legs and chest, swaying under the thin imported blouse - dimensionless, like two ripe watermelon and still strong. Suddenly, the phone rang again. Opening the door, Nick saw a ragged gypsy.

- Hazain, give vodychki drink - he whined.

At this time, Nina Yakovlevna already started to leave. Seeing a richly dressed lady, gypsy immediately changed his tactics:

- Auntie, let kopeechku, three days did not eat hlebushka belenkogo ...

Pretending not to hear, Nina Yakovlevna swam past. But the cunning lad, whining grabbed her hands grimy dress.

- Boy! Stop immediately! Disgraceful what! - Woman waved her hands and pushed extortionist. Slipping, he flopped onto the floor. Nina Yakovlevna crossed the threshold and angrily shut the door. Suddenly Coley earned brain with terrible force. He hissed:

- Hey, Budulay dime to make you want ?! Then blow away. That's not the door! The window on the fire escape. And that you are no longer seen, I understood?

Startled patsanenok shoved a coin in his mouth and, like a little monkey, quickly disappeared. Kostya pulled out of the Bank's portfolio of red carcasses and poured it into the hallway. Then he rushed into the bedroom, threw on the floor a couple of pillows and covered them with a blanket.

Representative of the parents' committee, he was overtaken on the second floor.

- Nina Yakovlevna, you killed him! - Choking he blurted.

- What kind of nonsense? Who? - Puzzled woman raised her eyebrows.

- Well, that gypsy! You shoved him, he hit his head and that ... Pomer ...

- What ... what are you talking about? !! - Nina Yakovlevna, skipping over steps rushed back. Of entry into the apartment, she saw on the floor of the "blood" and clutched at his heart.

- But .. but ... where ... - she could only squeeze.

- The bedroom is, - babbled Kohl, trying to look scared - I covered him with a blanket ... Do you want to see?

Nina Yakovlevna recoiled in horror.

- Oh ... he ... really ... dead? Can not be! "Soon"! Urgently!!

- What is the "fast" ?! His neck broken ... Just to death.

The woman collapsed on a stool:

- Well, how does this ... What will happen now ...

His head was seeded rushing thoughts. Kill the child, albeit unintentionally! This hush does not work, will be a trial ... Even if not plant, will conditionally - membership card will have to pass. Husband immediately throw - when a position so dirty biography? The apartment breech take away ... From the office asked ...

- Do not be afraid, I will hide it - a quiet voice brought her out of his stupor. Nick looked askance.

- You go home, and I'll take it. Father I have to change. A dark - in the bag - and buried in a vacant lot. Who will be the gypsy look?

The woman's eyes glistened - in the hopeless darkness shone light. Although reason tells that we should go to the police, the lips themselves rattled:

- Kolya, you know, it was an accident. I'm here at all to do with! Who is to blame if the child is so down! I did not want to !!! Kolya, Zolotko, you do not tell anyone. You're a smart boy. Do as told. And I'm looking to buy jeans - beautiful, fashionable. US. Will you, like a cowboy. A? And buy a new jacket, motorbike, and even what you want!

All evening, Nina Yakovlevna nervously walked in circles around his apartment. Around three in the morning the telephone rang.

- I did everything, - said Colin voice - OK. Nobody has seen.

Vices, compress the heart, a little relaxed.

- That's clever, Kolya. You do not call anymore. And I...

- Talk necessary - suddenly cut off the boy tightly.

- Come the next day, to the hour of the day. And what would without delay.

Of course, it came. I must say, at this time, Nina Yakovlevna little moved. The incident began to seem absurd nightmare. You just forget about everything and continue to live on. And the boy is not a problem. It will be silent, then all the money needed.

But it was expecting a huge surprise. Gloomy sixth grader on the move, said that he was going to go to the police and tell Nina Y. killed a man, and even made him, Kolya, to bury the corpse, threatening violence.

In partrabotnitsy knees buckled. If you believe the boy, repeating that it all happened by chance, it will be useless. They will ask: "Why not just said why hide the body?" And no journalist husband will not help - Solder ten years of strict regime and greetings.

Choking words, Nina Yakovlevna began to protest, but as it turned out, Nick is not yet finished. The boy said with a smile that agree to remain silent on the following conditions: henceforth, Nina Yakovlevna became his servant and slave. She will perform absolutely all his desires. And now she is required to undress, because it vyebet Kohl.

Hearing this from the mouth of a boy of fourteen, Nina Yakovlevna just could not believe my ears. When the meaning of what still came to her mind, she tried to reason with the young blackmailer. It is threatening. He persuades. Scarecrow husband. She threatens that she will pass it to the police. And even begged. Nick listened carefully and then said politely: "Yes, you do not pull, Nina Yakovlevna, undress And then numbered Dial.". And he went to the phone.

Lively presenting himself withdrawn from the house in handcuffs, Nina Yakovlevna blushed and humbly beginning to unbutton her blouse abroad. After removing it, she looked at the boy plaintively. Anyone with a wry grin on his freckled face, nodded at her skirt.

- Nicholas! - The lady tried to give voice rigor - these silly games I'm tired!

Kolya silently scored "zero" and reached the figure of "two".

Nina Yakovlevna sobbed and turned away, slowly pulled the shoes and then her skirt. Standing in the middle of the room in his shorts, stockings and bra, she felt very stupid. In his eyes dimmed with tears.

- Come on, come on! Come on. Now take off your bra - confidently told Kohl, going on "you".

The situation was absurd. The adult woman has to obey some shameless repeaters! Of course, Nina Yakovlevna not taken seriously talk about slavery. No matter how brazen this was not a jerk, he did not dare to go so far. Just like all the nasty boys at this age, he wants to look at the "naked aunt." Look, love, and this five minutes of shame over.

Alas, Nina Yakovlevna illusions were rudely shattered. Once the urge woman stripped naked, she was cruelly and ruthlessly fuck. The boy instantly pulled off his school pants with shorts, and his victim involuntarily gasped. Of course, compared with an adult man there was nothing to brag about, but still kind of sticking out Kolya's troubled member Nina Yakovlevna to the extreme.

Pushing discouraged guest on unmade bed, threw the boy resolutely full thighs covered with nylon stockings and began jabbing at his farm Nina Yakovlevna, eagerly groping way. The woman screamed again, this time much louder. Only now, he felt between his legs bouncing member, she is fully aware of what she wants from this boy. In fear, Nina Yakovlevna screamed: "No Stop ... Do not you dare, little wretch!!!" And tried to jump. In response, Nick swung and punched her in the face.

Stunned, frightened woman squeaked something, but at this time the boy has finally found the right hole and began to push in your pussy party workers once hardened appliance.

From surprise, indignation and horror Nina Yakovlevna eyes nearly bulged. She frantically clutched his feet, struggling to get through becoming deeper dick, but Nick was not going to retreat. Despite the desperate resistance, the boy still managed to drive to the end member inside. Nina Yakovlevna groaned and began to struggle. Kohl tenaciously gripped her hands. For a while they struggled in silence, then broke the silence, another resounding slap. Nina Yakovlevna head snapped to the side. Taking advantage of the confusion women Kohl fell on top of her whole body.

The next five minutes heard a juicy champ walking back and forth children dick, protesters lamentations Nina Yakovlevna and raucous Colin patter:

- From so damn! Pussy ebannaya from you so!

From shame and powerlessness Nina Yakovlevna was ready to sink into the ground. As a Soviet woman, brought up in the spirit of communism, it is always considered sex something dirty. From sex Nina Yakovlevna I never got much pleasure, even with her husband in bed lay down extremely rare, pre-forcing him to clean up properly. She could not imagine what it would be like to fuck the station cheap prostitute on creaking, reeking of bugs and someone else then bed! Shouting was useless - boy prudently turned on the radio, and the walls in the house were extremely thick. In addition, Kohl's was surprisingly strong, and get another slap did not want to. From humiliation and resentment Nina Y. started crying even louder.

Kohl also, hornier, could not finish. Flushed, with disheveled hair, he struggled hollowed supple bosom plaintively moaning beneath the woman.

It was like this: Irina sat in an empty classroom and homework checked his pupils. She wrinkled her forehead beautiful, green eyes peered in scribbled lines and tried to find at least one error in Yulechka Smirnova. Bugs was not, and Irina put her five sprawling handwriting, making five was tilted so much that it seemed as if she decided to relax. Taking the next book, she looked up the name of a disciple - Ivan Zotov. Ivan was an excellent student, study was given to him badly, but he was a very good artist and photographer. And she had, then, to see this.

So, opening a notebook on the front page, she looked inside. In all of its notebooks on crust was something written, here and now: "And we have a pretty biologichku !!!" - The inscription. Exclamation marks were beautifully painted calligraphic handwriting. Looking down, the teacher choked with indignation - under the inscription was written image of a naked woman in profile. The woman in the picture was a little bent forward, making her ass sticking out seductively. she Hand holding pointer rather ambiguous gesture.

Angrily, but at the same uncertainly, snort, Irina, fear of further illustration, once turned the notebook on homework. Ivan was a very beautiful handwriting, but the cloud was error. "Features of some bird species" - the name of this work. How can I make this work in at least one mistake ?! Well, Ivan, to, receive dvoechku: no longer going to draw me on the cover of notebooks! After Ivan needed a break. His notebook always beat out Irina poor from the track.

And the point is not that she was angry at Ivan - they had a very good relationship they greeted, smiling at each other, and even to pull any was not among them - and it was even in the fact that she liked the grader. Nice guy, intelligent (of course in certain areas) and to some extent talented. She just thought he was a friend, and she was once ashamed to think that between them that something might happen. In general, it did not take him seriously. But the fact is that his writings on crusts of notebooks it's very exciting. And wanted to undress and is now, sticking out the ass, gently stroking pointer. After overcoming this desire, she went to the mirror near a window. Not every school classroom was a mirror, but Irina loved the mirror, and specifically one dragged out of the house.

From the mirror looked at her beautiful face, framed by dark hair. Her hair was her pride, and Irina care much about them. They are well-combed, just did not reach the shoulders. Eyes are the mirror looked lustfully.

Slightly posomnevavshis, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties to the floor. Quickly bent down and, lifting them off the floor, put in a drawer. Sitting on a chair, she shyly parted legs, and began to drive his finger in the groin.

But after a couple of minutes, excited, Irina thought that skirt she made it. And, glancing at the door, she took off her off.

Now the fear of being caught off guard even more excited her. Sassy turned to the door, and beautiful legs apart, she was moaning, bring themselves to orgasm old as the hills, way.

And at this moment ...


Ivan took the camera home and went to school.

Sport has long been over. I ended the day and extended day at junior school. So first he did not want to miss school, but he persuaded the janitor, saying that he was asked to make a couple of shots of native school. Each and every one, not excluding the lower classes knew that Ivan makes great pictures, and very often seen Ivan the camera. Therefore vahtersha missed it.

Climbing the stairs, Ivan thought: "Why do you need to make this whore to fuck husband she had no good-It lacks the simple ways of courtship Well ladnenko?.?."

At seventeen years old Ivan was well versed with respect to the sexes. However, he remained in the second year, he had time to learn.

He came to the office of biology with the hope that everything will be resolved today.

The castle was a great keyhole, and Ivan put a curious eye to the hole. Irina (slut !!!) with an angry face painted in the notebook. Sixth sense, Ivan realized that the teacher in front of his notebook. He grinned.

The camera he kept at the ready.


... the door opened. And before Irina knew it, her camera flash blinded.

Shyly hiding behind his hand, she saw in front of Ivan Zotov, whose notebook it so carelessly threw on the corner of the table.

Ivan smiled and shaken the teacher, as if nothing had happened, sat on the edge at the desk.

- I-willow? - Stammering, the teacher asked, feeling the paint is beginning to fill in the face. - Wh-what are you doing here?

- Yes, so - I go, take pictures! - Ivan grinned.

Irina terribly embarrassed. And then I remembered that she was sitting naked in front of a pupil. With trembling hands, she picked up her skirt to the floor. But Ivan's voice stopped her.

- Wait, Irina! - Exclaimed Ivan voice of Adolf Hitler. - I would like to make a couple of shots! By the way, congratulations, you have passed the selection of models and go into the second round.

The teacher looked with horror at Ivan. Dumb question froze in her eyes, and his hand fell limply by opening thirsty affection, inflammation of the vagina. Ivan did not fail to take advantage of it and then clicked the camera. Following the outbreak of Irina he jumped up and with trembling hands began to pull her skirt. But the relentless voice said.

- Well! Irina! I thought you were more than obliging. Undress!

- And why is that? - The all harried teacher.

- Stupid question. - Again he grinned pupil. - I already have two incriminating picture. So you're caught in the act. And stubborn very foolish in your position. - After a pause, he added. - Besides, you like it, right?

The skirt fell to the floor again. Overwhelmed by Irina looked at Ivan. And he's not kidding. But what he can do with a pair of innocent pictures? He seemed podglyadel her thoughts.

- It will be enough to hang them on the ground floor on the bulletin board. And everyone will know what you are doing in the classroom after school!

She blushed, and slowly began to take off her clothes. After some time, to the skirt and joined the rest of the things. Irina, completely naked, standing in front of Ivan greedy eyes. The teacher beat shiver.

- Ivan! - Imploringly she said.

But the student is completely intoxicated with power over the woman began to speak.

- That would be so, and at once! And yet stubborn girl! Did you like my picture?

The teacher was surprised to feel that she is excited, Ivan nodded.

- That is great! This I drew you. Now put one foot on a chair and dismissed bit ago. And look at the camera. Come on, smile! You do not kill! That's good.

Irina stood as Ivan said, and forced a smile.

- Good. Now come here.

She dutifully went to Ivan. During this time he closed his classroom door of the castle. Ivan went to Irina and stroked her buttocks. Irina was a shame. Then the hand climbed Intermedia her feet. And she could not help but moan. Stubby, but groan. He then slapped her aloud and pointed to the desk.

- Sit on it and put it on the desk legs. Yes kindle wider!

Submissive teacher climbed on the table and spread her legs. Now the front of the lens Irene was in all its glory: the vaginal lips bulged, and were temptingly ajar; they gathered in small droplets of juice. She tried to close, but Ivan said, "no, no," and she took his hand. I clicked the camera.

- Now push the fingers her pussy!

Irina blushed even more and looked down, but follow the instructions. Click!

Ivan began unbuckling the belt. Irina horror, mystery and joy, looked at his manipulation. But still I tried to argue: "No: it is necessary to: Yves ..". The student looked at her calmly and said:

- Come on, help me!

She could only obey. Teacher gracefully climbed down from his desk and settled down on his knees at the feet of Ivan. With trembling hands, she began to unbutton his pants on the pants. She felt under the fingers throbbing young cock. She found herself thinking more exciting feelings never experienced. She pulled hard dick Ivan out of his pants and touched his hand.

- Suck, Irina, suck. - Commanded Ivan. - I have long wanted to see it: you will be standing in front of me on my knees, and work mouth.

And she earned. She did it so that he liked. Lisa head and swallowing as she could, deeply. At this time the camera is clicked. But Irina did not pay attention to him.

Ivan pulled the cock from her mouth and her going forward a little, put the camera on a desk, the lens Irina Petrovna. Then I put on the self-timer, and went back to the woman.

- Now, take it in her mouth and looking at the camera. Hand touch himself for the chest. - After the flash, he said again. - Now Arise cancer and suck on. - She performed. His hands pulled her head to his penis, and after the camera flash, finished it in her mouth. Sperm could not help her in the mouth, and a thin trickle ran down his chin. - Look at the camera! - The camera clicked again.

After that Ivan took my camera and took a few shots as the teacher semen finger to hook and sticking out tongue licked. She liked the taste.

- Like the sperm? - Irina dropped her eyes. - It's good. I'll give you a lot of sperm.

In his words there was some cunning and Irina looked blankly at Ivan. The look was obedience. But he only smiled. He buttoned his pants and started to leave.

- Till tomorrow. - And he left.


She was horrified waited for the next day, thinking about what he will do with it. Did he let her go. She hoped so: but only surface - inside she had hoped that he will make it in the revolution, which she had dreamed of sleepless nights, craving male affection.

The next day, Ivan did not go alone. Irina Misha saw with horror from the eleventh grade, complete Losers. Not letting her speak, Ivan said:

- Take off your clothes.

She performed, praying, and at the same time, lustful eyes looking at the tormentors.